10 Best Wallpaper apps for Android with Awesome Backgrounds (2021)

If you like to try new backgrounds on your phone but don’t use applications, you’re missing out on a lot of great backgrounds. There are tons of wallpaper applications and millions of wallpapers available for Android and iOS phones. However, we will focus here on the applications available for the Android platform. Choosing good applications from a large number of applications takes a lot of time. But we’ve already done it for you, and here’s the top 10 Android wallpaper apps for 2021.

We’ve tested over fifty high-end applications and found some great ones that can help you get new, unique and exclusive backgrounds. The wallpaper plays an important role in many cases, especially when you try a different setting on the home screen. It also looks like the art of putting the right elements into a home screen to show off your beautiful display. If you don’t think you can make your own installation, start with an existing one.

Supplying quality and fresh wallpaper is one of our priorities. That’s why we decided to share some of the best available pps where you can find a lot of different wallpapers. All the Android wallpaper applications we call have something unique or cool that you will love.

Best Wallpaper Applications for Android

1. Telephone walls: Desktop wallpaper and 4K wallpaper

YTECHB’s PhoneWalls application is number 1 on the list of the best Android wallpaper applications in 2021. This is one of the latest wallpaper applications that contains more than thousands of wallpapers from different brands. This is a background application that is updated daily and you can also find backgrounds of recently released smartphones. It contains a wide range of categories such as Samsung, OnePlus, Apple, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Realme and wallpaper from many other brands. And the best part is the clear user interface. This allows us to easily download available wallpapers or simply overlap them on the home screen and lock the screen.

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2. Google Wallpaper

Let’s start with Google’s official application for Android wallpapers, which fully deserves its place in the top 5 of our list. It is not an application with a huge collection of wallpaper, but if you are looking for features, these wallpaper programs will cover you. It has all the great features that most users appreciate. The features we are talking about include automatic daily wallpapers, the transformation of videos into live wallpapers, wallpapers on the device and finally a sufficient number of wallpapers from different categories such as cityscape, landscape, pride, texture, earth, art.

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3. Backgrounds HD

One of the best wallpaper applications for Android in 2021, already available for a long time in the Play Store. The application comes with a huge collection of wallpaper and has been greatly improved since its launch. It is possible to install any wallpaper from the collection every day. The application also has community features, so you can also download wallpapers to the application. Flow and Profile also add great features for your enjoyment.

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4. Wallpaper Amole

As I said before, there are many good Android wallpaper applications, and these applications also include some AMOLED wallpapers. So if you like AMOLED wallpapers, you can choose from a variety of applications. And here I offer you the best AMOLED wallpaper application you can get on your Android phone. This application only offers AMOLED wallpapers, so you don’t have to search specifically in the AMOLED category. But in case you want AMOLED wallpapers from another category, this application has a separate section for that. You can also use the Daily Random Wallpaper function and do not need to change the wallpaper manually.

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5. Reverse drops – Wallpaper

If you’ve been an Android user for a long time, you’ve probably heard about or used wallpapers. If you have never used the application before, you should try it. It has an extensive wallpaper collection and many different functions. You can choose backgrounds in different categories and areas such as. B. Select the background images of the day. You can also select your favourite backgrounds for easy access next time.

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6. Wallpaper and background for me

I remember using this application a long time ago, and while doing some research, I remembered how good it was. It has been further improved and contains many new backgrounds. The best application should have great backgrounds with download and application possibilities. And this Android wallpaper application has those features. You can choose from different categories such as Landscapes, 3D Parallex, Exclusive and more. If you haven’t tried this app yet, it’s worth a try.

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7. Best 4K Wallpaper – WallPick

If you’re looking for simple wallpaper but full of surprises, WallPick might be your choice. It has all the usual features that a good Android wallpaper application should have. And the best part of the application is that you can see the background through colors like green, black, blue. So you can choose a wallpaper in your favourite colour. You can also choose one of the backgrounds depending on the number of downloads.

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8. Anime XWallpaper

The next choice in the list of best wallpapers for Android is the Anime X Wallpapers application. The other applications we mentioned in this list might be missing animated wallpapers, so here we have an incredible animated wallpaper application on Android. The application will delight you with its animations and anime wallpapers. You can browse through different backgrounds and apply your favorites to the home screen and lock screen of your device. You can also search for any character that needs a background image.

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9. ZedgeWallpaper

An application linked to the popular website Zedge, which has been around for a long time, maybe even before Android existed. The Zedge Wallpaper application is now available in the PlayStore. It has many possibilities and a large collection of wallpaper. The application also has ringtones and video backgrounds. You can choose from different wallpaper categories. The application allows users to create their own background using the built-in editor.

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10. Black: Black background

Darkify is the latest application on the list of the best background applications for Android in 2021. If you don’t mind using heavy wallpaper, you can try Darkify. It is also an AMOLED-based wallpaper application with an amazing collection of wallpaper. You can download AMOLED wallpapers in different categories such as Animals, Quotes, Abstracts, Nature and more. And you can use it even when the internet is unavailable.

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So these are the best Android wallpaper applications you can install on your device in 2021 for amazing home screen customization. There are other good wallpapers we haven’t mentioned here, so you can explore other applications in the Play Store.

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If you find an interesting wallpaper application that is not listed, please let us know in the comments. Share this article with your friends.

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