10 Easy Ways to Take ScreenShot in Windows 10

In this article I will show you 10 easy ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10. Windows 10 has several options to take a screenshot, it is better to know which one is convenient and easy for us to use.

How to make a screenshot under Windows 10

All of us probably take screenshots of windows or files every day to save them as snapshots. For the screenshot we have 10 options in window 10. Follow the instructions for more information.

1#. Screenshot

You will find this key on your computer keyboard. It’s a quick and easy way to take a screenshot of Windows. Just press Print Screen and open WordPad, then press C+V to paste the ScreenShot image. You can then save your picture from WordPad.

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2#. Window> Pressure screen

This method is better than the first, because if the screenshot is taken automatically, it will be saved as a photo in a folder. Tap Windows> Print Screen. Open the image folder. You will see that a folder named ScreenShot has been saved.

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3#. Window> Offset> S

With this method you can take a picture anywhere. Sometimes we have to take a picture of exactly what we need, this method will help you to take such a picture. Just press Windows> Shift> S and paste it into WordPad to save and edit it.

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4#. Window> G

This method is intended for games. If we want to take a picture of a place during the game, we can use this method to take a picture during the game. Just press Windows> G to open the game control option, there you can select a screenshot. You can also use another way to take a screenshot of the game page. Just press Windows> Alt> Print screen. Automatically takes a photo and saves it to a folder.

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5#. Scissors

This application can be found in any Windows system to get a normal screenshot. You can take a snapshot anywhere, click Windows> Enter> Snapshot Tool, open it. You can edit the image before saving it.

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Screen recording software Screen recording software:

6#. Light absorption

With this software you can easily take a screenshot. This software can store images in different formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, the size of this software is too small, it is 2MB. You can download this application for free, it is available for Windows and MAC systems.

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A little glimpse

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7#. Sensor screen recording

This software has a size of 8MB and can be used in different versions of Windows.  This software has several functions and options that you can use for screenshots, you can also record your audio and you are able to take pictures wherever you want. You can save the image as a different type. PNG, GIF, TIFF and JPG.

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Captor screenshot

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8#. Greenshot

This is another software you can use to capture the screen. You can easily save and share it online. This software allows you to save, save as, or send various images to print, copy to the clipboard, send as e-mail attachments and send to a desktop program. You can edit the image with another option.

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Greenbill’s griffin

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9#. GadwinPrint Screen

This is another application that makes it possible to take screenshots of different sizes. You can save the snapshot in six different types.

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Screenshot Gadwin

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10#. Snagit

Snagit is Tech Smith’s best software. This software allows you to create videos from the window and edit your photo easily. You can resize, add text, shapes, lines, and more.

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This guide can help you take screenshots in different ways, sometimes it is important to take screenshots of the shape of the screen and it is important to know the different ways to take screenshots. Sometimes we have to take pictures in a big screen, sometimes we have to take some pictures with important points, that’s all written in this article, read and follow the guide.

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