5 Best 120mm Fan Filter With Full Details

Sometimes your equipment heats up so fast. This makes the equipment unreliable. In addition, rising temperatures lead to terrible situations for dust stacks. This creates fabric on filigree details on all sides. In addition, the fan sounds loud to slow down the system.  In this case, the fan filter serves as protection against dust.

A 120 mm fan filter blocks the dirt passing through the fan.  The fan passes a large amount of air to reduce pollution. The filter lowers the grilles in the fan section. Due to overheating, the unit does not work. All the work is complicated. Even the players hate it in the middle of a game.

Current technologies have the right solution for every problem.  There are so many alternatives. We brought the smallest selection for the best 120 mm filter. The kit offers higher productivity than most others. Whatever happens, security is always required. Read on.

Best 120 mm fan filter

Satisfactory ventilation provides a better control system. In addition, the lack of ventilation leads to the death of the internal machines. The best 120 mm fan filter makes you the output. There will be no complaints. Soon you will gradually understand the results. Stay on our list to ensure exceptional service for your computer.

1. Eluteng fan filter 120mm – Perfect dust protection kitthat lets in air.

The Eluteng 120 mm ventilation filter is equipped with an ABS ventilation grille for air circulation in all rooms. This makes the car less hot. On the other hand, there is a bladder dust filter made of nylon.  The IP40 dust collector offers 89% efficiency in keeping the unit clean and prolongs its service life.

The ventilation filter is primarily intended for use with loudspeakers, housings of domestic computer fans and electrical appliances. You can remove the kit in countless hours. At the same time, the devices are heat and resin resistant thanks to the resin element. Another advantage of the tool is the low noise level, which provides a quiet environment in which you can concentrate on your work.

Grid ceiling 12CM with fan. The filter is perfect for USB plus 120×120 container cooling fans. You can just install a fan. The installation requires only six steps. A screwdriver is required to install the fan. At the same time, the disassembly can be easily dusted.   Finally, the packaging holds the fan firmly in place.


  • An affordable price.
  • No compromise in the wind process.
  • Double fan housing.
  • It’s no problem.
  • Super strong acquisition


Available in the Amazon.

2. Silverstone Technology 120 mm filter-fan cooling magnet with ultra-exclusive filter

The Silverstone filter is made of nylon for durability.  The nylon material has a mirrored appearance, which makes it an unusual filter. This template catches dirt at the slightest blockage. In addition, there are 13 magnetic strips that can be placed anywhere to support the metal cooling. The exact location of the installation is either a metal screw or a frame.

The mounting is thin enough to facilitate the installation process. They can be mounted perfectly next to the fan housing.  Finding a fan that is as quiet as it is consistent is a top priority for your machine. Silverstone offers you the benefits that will help you run smoothly. Regular cleaning ensures optimal speed by stopping the smallest particles.

There’s a grill with a cell filling that makes him more active.  The mesh screen extends the focus of the airflow massively. In addition, the unbound filter ensures first-class dedusting. The filter can be used against all conventional 120 mm fans. Finally, you will save time if you use 4 screws, depending on the size.


  • Possibility to prevent internal damage.
  • Correct position of the electric faucet.
  • Huge filter cloth.
  • No obstacle to high application.
  • Underwater cleaning.


Available in the Amazon.

3. 120 mm fan filterAir – noise reduction for extended service life.

The Aiyide 120 mm fan filter has a 4.72 inch filter to keep computer parts clean. The result is a more or less noisy sound. The less noise there is, the longer the lifetime of the fan. At the same time, the kit contains a magnetic frame with a PVC housing for dust filtration. Well, a reasonable magnetic structure for easy installation or removal.

No screws or additional hardware is required. Just put it on the metal. The filter can be cleaned. Plus, you can use it again. Use soft hands for cleaning. But don’t put it in the washing machine to wash it or fold it. If any dirt appears, clean it regularly. The grid with mesh cover detects dust better.

The filter is suitable for use with loudspeaker fans, loudspeaker grilles and other items that need to be protected against contaminants.  You can set it to fan size 120. The tool has a great advantage for the mounted housing. That’s why you’ll find it in the power supply.  After all, it lets in cold air so impressively that it prevents overheating.


  • Remarkable holes for protection.
  • Flexible handling.
  • Rigid materials.
  • Optimal surface area.
  • Full service.


  • The magnet may be more powerful.

Available in the Amazon.

4. eBoot 120 mm fan filter – computer network with dust cap.

eBoot 120 mm fan The filter has 10 screens for airflow. On the contrary, the mud-free housing has effective properties to minimize dust. This prevents the problem of overheating. The filter is the light. You won’t feel overweight if you move.

Screws of 40. However, it is quite easy to assemble or disassemble. You can clean it, you can put it back the same way. The computer’s filter protects the internal components from dust.  This makes the sound quieter. In this way, the kit offers you an audible place where you can get the job done right. It also ensures a longer lifespan.

You will find many applications for this filter, such as various electronic products, including loudspeakers and case fans.  The set is ideal for 120 mm fans or multiple small fans. In any case, the materials are also good, i.e. pure PVC. First of all: If you have a pet, this filter is right for you.


  • Optimal thickness.
  • No more cooling.
  • Economic costs.
  • An essential design.
  • Perfect for any job.


  • Sometimes the airflow is blocked.

Available in the Amazon.

5. IMSurQltyPrise Fan filter 120 mm Industrial PVC fabric with ether screw

IMSurQltyPrise The 120 mm ventilation filter has the finest PVC fabric for air permeability. 0.45 mm thick PVC fabric. In the same way, the net includes the super-strength and the super-strength.  The PVC wire has an opening of 0.8 mm in diameter. This makes the filter strong and durable. However, the bag contains a 40x screw to bring it to its exact position.

The assembly is easy to install and easy to remove. In this way, cleaning becomes manageable again. In addition, the filter has the ability to let dirt in. It protects the inside from soot. So there will be no overheating problems with prolonged use.

The filter can be used with a fan or a 120 mm housing. Regardless of this, the total installation distance must be 105 x 105 mm. Even a 4-way dust filter can work at a high level with games. There is no loud sound when the computer is turned on. The atmosphere becomes friendly as long as you feel comfortable, no matter what you do.


  • It’s a suction magnet.
  • It’s a good fit.
  • Decent work.
  • Extreme tolerances.
  • Excellent protection.


  • The screw may be a little longer.

Available in the Amazon.

What to look out for when purchasing a 120 mm filter

It is essential that the computer is well ventilated. For this you need the best 120 mm filter. It’s a little hard to deal with the girl. As markets get bigger and bigger, many products overlap.  The purchase of a copier is not advantageous because it can damage other parts of the machine.


Purchasing is first and foremost a matter of budget. Sometimes the quality of the product depends on the budget. So you have to decide how much money you want to spend on a blower filter. Our list includes some household products that give better results. You can consume the best product with a smaller budget.

Dust density

The filter must be dust-tight to protect against dirt. Dirt tends to damage other parts of your computer. In addition, dust can disrupt the connection, even if the components are thin. As a result, other devices are no longer in use.

Fan size

Since you are buying a 120 mm filter, the size is predetermined. Check the display to see if the size is available or not. Other sizes are available on the market. Don’t mix it with other sizes. Otherwise, the housing cannot be mounted on the filter.

Mesh design

Before you buy, pay attention to the schedule. The hole in the mesh provides air to dissipate excess heat. This allows you to run your machine for a long time with sufficient cooling. Moreover, good ventilation will not slow down your car.


Materials can be another factor. According to this proposal, harmful materials lead to the destruction of the environment. Moreover, a cheap material costs more if you buy another one. In addition, the double will also damage your car.

One-off investment

You need to choose a filter that is both easy to install and easy to remove. The filter serves as protection. The scrap bundle is then removed. The sealant should therefore be cleaned regularly and used several times.

Smooth operation

Harmonious work creates a working environment in which you can think, concentrate or do whatever you want. Noise disturbs the work. Besides, a break seems painful for everything you do. Flexible working saves time and encourages everyone to work harder.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Does the fan filter restrict air flow?

Of course the ventilation filters limit the air flow by keeping the housing clean. In addition, it provides balance in the generation of airflow. In general, the kit limits dust, so that other devices are not blocked or overheated. Meanwhile, a good filter provides sufficient ventilation for cooling.

Question: How do I clean the 120 mm filter?

The 120 mm filter must be cleaned to remove dust. It only takes a few simple steps to wash.  You can use a brush or water to wipe away the dirt. Handle it carefully and take the time to clean it. To make it easier for you to consult the manual, if you wish. Do not put it on the washing machine or on hard materials that can be rubbed.

Question: What is the purpose of a 120mm ventilation filter?

The ventilation filter plays an important role in the cooling of your machine. It is located between the hole and the fan and takes a clean year. The 120 mm ventilation filter is also designed to prevent the ingress of dust. But the most efficient role is to start the machine without interruption and load a large file.

Last words

Day after day, science is transformed into an extraordinary experience. The techs are a sign of that. There is also a solution to this problem. You must treat the machine or appliance with care. For your safety, only a filter fan protects against dust. However, with the best 120 mm filter you can relax during use. Don’t be late for your purchase. Spend the money on something big.

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