7+ Best Gaming Keyboards in 2021 [Buyers Guide]

In this article we will take a look at some of the best gaming keyboards you can buy online. Each selection from our list is based on the quality of the keypad assembly, the quality of the switches, the performance, the durability and the price. Then let’s get started:

Since a mechanical keyboard enables better input and operation, all keyboards in the list are mechanical. At the moment there are many different types of mechanical switches and the difference is mainly in the switch-off point, the pressure shock and the sound. Depending on your interests, you have to choose one:

Linear switches:

The switch does not collide when it is pressed, and it feels like a spring, which becomes stiffer when it is pressed. These switches have an illuminated trigger point (the force required to register the pressing of a button).

These switches are very sensitive and absorb keystrokes faster than the other switches, which can be a blessing for the players or a burden for some, because sensitive keys are not very good for typing.

  • Action point : 0.45N-0.50N
  • Key: Cherry MX Red, Velocity and White, Kyle Red and Speed, Racer Yellow, Gateron Red and Romera G Linear.

Touch switches:

Tactile switches have a bump when they hit a trigger point or register a hit. It is the feeling of this hump that touch switches are most common on mechanical keyboards.

Unlike linear switches, touch switches are not very sensitive and are suitable for both playing and typing.

  • Action point : 0.45N-0.50N
  • Key: Cherry MX Brown and Green, Cale Brown, Romer G Tactile, Orange Reiser.

Click on the button:

Click switches have a click mechanism that produces a loud clicking sound when a button is pressed. Due to the sound of pressure, these keys can be annoying at work or even at home, but at the same time they offer a better mechanical feeling.

If you like that clicking sound, these switches are for you. In addition, haptic and snap-action switches have a different feel when pressed. Thanks to the click mechanism of the safety switch, the tab is more visible, while the tab of the tactical switches is smoother.

  • Action point : 0.60N or more
  • Key: Cherry MX Blue, Kailh Blue, Razer Green, GX Blue.

What should I pay attention to when I buy a keyboard for my computer?

  1. Trade: Choose between line, push button and click switches. Among the manufacturers of circuit breakers, the Cherry MX is recognized as the best in the industry. Kale and Gateron are good Cherry MX clones.
  2. The keycaps are constructed: The most common materials for keys are PBT and ABS. PBT is the best and can be found in a good quality keyboard at a higher price, while ABS is more common in cheaper keyboards.
  3. The size of the keyboard : The numeric keypad is known as Full Size or TenKey. The numpad-free keyboards are the TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboards and finally the 60% or compact keyboards, which come without numpad and arrow keys. There are also about 65% and 75% keyboards.
  4. Backlight : Backlit keyboards are easier to use at night or in a boring environment. RGB looks cool, and most of the keyboards on the list have RGB backlighting.
  5. the design: The most common is ANSI and then ISO. For more information about formats, click here.
  6. The cost: Costs or value for money are determined by competitors. If you spend $200 on a keyboard with ABS keys and some Cherry clones, while a keyboard for a similar price also includes PBT keys with Cherry MX, it’s a poor value for money.

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Full-size keyboards:

Duck Brilliant 7 ($169):

Ducky Brilliant is the flagship of Ducky’s keyboard. Shine 7 is one of the best keyboards on this list, and if you have a lot of money to spend on a keyboard, choose this one.

In terms of design, the lower part of the keyboard is made of plastic and the upper plate of a zinc alloy, giving the keyboard a first-class appearance. The keyboard does not slip while typing. This is a popular product in the category of best gaming keyboards.


The keys are made of high quality PBT with a double stroke without wings. When switching to RGB, each key is individually illuminated and the lighting can be controlled via the keyboard or software.

Cherry MXs are changing, and the typing experience on Shine 7 is excellent. It comes with firmware, so most functions can be accessed directly from the included circuit board: Programmable keys, Windows lock, as well as the position of the Windows key, Caps Lock key and FN key – including changes

Ducky One 2 ($102):

Duckky One 2 is a full-size TKL keyboard with different Cherry MX keys. A type C USB port is available for connection to the PC and macros for keyboard support.

This is a cheaper keyboard than the Shine 7, but it offers similar type quality and feel without the look and feel of backlighting. The cheapest models do not have backlighting, but the most expensive version does have RGB backlighting.


Talk about the quality of the assembly: The keyboard is made of hard plastic with a very small curvature. The keys consist of a double PBT bulkhead with very low vibration.

There are 2 tilt settings, the keyboard is very stable and does not slip while typing. All keys support macros, and you get a Windows lock key. If you have a limited budget, this is the best keyboard you can get. The typing experience on this keyboard is better than on most gaming keyboards equipped with ABS keyboards with their own switches.

Main Cooler CK552 W/Heterronic Red Switch ($79):

The Cooler Master CK552 is an affordable keyboard suitable for most gamers. You get an elegant RGB keyboard with Gateron red linear switches, and a robust aluminium housing gives a special look to the overall design of this board.

The keys are made of ABS, which is cheaper and less durable than PBT, but at a lower price. That’s acceptable. The red line switches on the Gateron are operated very carefully and are activated at 45g.


The RGB backlight of this keyboard is excellent. If you prefer design and RGB for print quality and durability, buy this keyboard next to the Ducky One 2, which has neither RGB nor backlight in the cheapest version.

TKL (TenKeyLess) keyboards:

Ducky One 2 RGB ($194):

Like Ducky One 2, the TKL version comes without Numpad, while all other features are the same. This keyboard is perfect for typing and is of very good workmanship. This keyboard allows you to select one of the keys of Cherry MX.


Apex Pro Steel Series ($179):

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is without doubt the highest quality keyboard on the list. The keypad screen allows you to set the trigger point of each key to a different level.

The keyboard has an aluminum casing and is generally of very good quality. The keys are made of double-tap ABS. You’ll also get a magnetic wrist cushion. The RGB is fantastic, and you can use built-in controls or light control software. The steering wheel on the panel can be used for various tasks and is a nice addition to the keyboard.


Apex Pro comes with OmniPoint switches, which are SteelSeries own switches. There is only the Line Switch option here, so if you are a haptic switch, go to Duckky Shine 7.

Main refrigerator MK730 Tencals ($117):

The MK730 is an excellent keyboard if you want a gaming keyboard with a wrist support. This keyboard looks decent on the whole. The lower part is made of plastic and the upper part of aluminium with a matt structure.

The keys are made of ABS, which becomes smooth and shiny over time, but the good thing is that you get PBT W, A, S, D and all arrow keys. Speaking of switches, you can choose from three versions of the Cherry MX switches, namely Blues, Red and Brown. The keyboard supports Windows lock functions and all keys are programmable.


Red Dragon K552 ($32):

Cheap! That’s what this keyboard defines. If you are not willing to spend $100 for a keyboard, but would like to enter the world of mechanical keyboards, then this is the best board for you. At this price, it’s hard to beat him.

The quality of the mounting is good and the keys are made of double-shot ABS. The RGB backlighting system is decent. There is no software support for it, so you have to use the keyboard itself to play 17 light effects.


The switches are produced by Outemu and users said they were pretty good, but not at a higher level than Cherry MX. In general, it is an easily accessible keyboard for beginners.

60% (mini) keyboards:

Ducky One 2 Mini ($119):

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a compact keyboard of the same quality as the Ducky One 2 and the Ducky Shine 2. The frame is made of plastic and offers a good quality of panel mounting. The keys are double PBT surfaces, which still appear on all duckbill keyboards in this list. PBT keyboards are the best you can get for any keyboard.

The RGB lighting is excellent and you have many different lighting effects, but they are only controlled by the keyboard because there is no software interface. You can select different Cherry-MX switches. You can always read the section on switches at the top of this article for more information.


Anna Pro 2 ($109):

Anne Pro 2 with Gateron switches is a good choice if you have a $100 budget. The keyboard has an excellent design with a plastic frame and a PBT keyboard. The cheapest version of this card comes with Gateron switches, while the most expensive version comes with Cherry MX, but we recommend Ducky One 2 Mini if you plan to use Cherry MX.

Support board for all important RGB lighting with all kinds of animations you need. However, some users have reported that the brightness in well-lit rooms is not very high. There is no USB port on the keyboard and no Windows locking key. However, all keys are programmable. It is a fundamental and profitable product in the category of the best gaming keyboards.



So these were the best gaming keyboards you could buy in 2020. If you are now considering buying it, you should choose the type of switch carefully, as they are especially important on mechanical keyboards. Pay attention to the material of the keyboard cups, as some major brands offer ABS keyboards on more expensive keyboards.

Thank you for reading our consumer guide to the best gaming keyboards. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about technical updates. Tell us what you think in the Comment section.

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