Best iPad File Management Apps

The most unexpected aspect of the iPhone is that it didn’t have a document manager until 2017. In iOS 11, they published an authorized document manager called the Files App, a kind of localization application that provides self-service access to iCloud Drive and various other external cloud management systems such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.

Unfortunately, this archive manager for the iPhone in iOS 12 can easily manage information such as pages, songs, main notes and multiple archives from different PDF applications. Although it can store media files on disks, it has incredible limitations because it is only accessible by a few media players.

It’s not like the Explorer app on Android phones that finds and manages all kinds of records from the whole gadget, and that’s all there is, just don’t download the Organizer for all the files that have been downloaded to your iPhone, as Android One does. In any case, we can usually rely on agreements with third parties that help us tremendously in these tasks, without having to force an iPhone into jail.

You will probably collect a lot of files on your iPhone, and after a while it can be very dangerous to view them. However, some applications can be heroic and controllable. They smile, change accents, take care of different organizations, make delicate envelopes, duplicate and move things from one place to another. This really makes life easier and allows you to discover something quickly at any time. Keep your documents up-to-date with the best file management apps for iPhone and iPad

Best File Management Apps for iPad

By using iOS, Apple has always felt like it was trying to control the customer. The document manager seemed pointless and useless for an ordinary iPhone client. Before iOS 11 was last implemented and iOS provided the standard document management gadgets, it was necessary to either scan to find a document or use an application to spend a lot of time on that particular type of document.

The emergence of distributed external storage seemed to make this change necessary, but before that, external developers developed recording and storage applications for the iPhone and iPad client and demanded a little more control. Why not take a look at the best file manager for iPhone and iPad?

1) Browser and Document Manager

The price:

Link to download:

Description : Browser and Document Manager is an application that is only meant to download and view files on your iPhone, iPod or iPad as they are created on your computer! This saves you the need for a computer, at least for downloading and viewing files. The reason why this application has been placed at the top of the list is because of its exclusively organized user interface.

A well-designed download manager makes it easy to work with your files and allows you to easily switch to the right file. It also allows you to automatically correct filenames, insert safe pauses and resume downloading. However, the application has yet to implement the possibility of downloading audiovisual material. It requires that the content is only available in pdf, docs, xisxs and other equivalent formats.

Efforts have been made to make the application browser as user-friendly as Safari’s features, such as multiple tabs, custom search engine, favorites grid, and user agent. The application is supervised by a file manager who also does his work so gracefully.

From unpacking zip files to working with more than 100 formats, plus – docs, pdfs, etc. – the offer is endless. – are just the smallest details of its use. For all these good reasons, the application scored 4.7 out of five points in the App Store. It can work in many languages spoken all over the world, such as Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, and so on.

Enhanced browser and document management functionality:

  • Standardized interface for smooth and efficient operation.
  • Support for iCloud and file sharing in iTunes.
  • Supports more than 100 file formats.
User evaluation : During the development of the application, all aspects that a person may encounter in the management of his or her files have been taken into account. Everything is done, from large format support to the built-in browser and file manager, which is incredible!

2) Reading documents

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : The highest honor of the application is that it is the choice of App Store publishers in more than 70 countries. Why don’t you? With the application that allows you to save your files, you can only read, see and hear what you want! Yeah, you read it right. You can listen to music, watch movies and photos at the touch of a button. It would also be wrong to limit its applicability to this.

The application is designed to provide a maximum of services to iPhone users. Not only are files and media easy to import, but the many exchange platforms connected to Apple make exporting your files even easier. With detailed information about document sharing features, you can sync documents to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and other files, so you don’t have to worry about storing these files on your device.

If you are not very patient in turning the pages, you can use the search function in the pdf by inserting the keywords of the searched texts. Excellent work has also been done to make claims management easier and more efficient.

Files can be imported and stored on the Internet, and e-mail attachments can be saved for later use. If you decide to purchase a professional PDF editor that will greatly improve your work, you will be charged $49.99 per year.  The amount will be deducted from your iTunes account. The App Store has rated this application at 4.6 and is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

Document features for ease of reading:

  • Media playback by importing computers or online resources.
  • Allows you to sync with all iCloud services.
  • Efficient and intelligent file management
User evaluation :  It would be nice to say that Documents by Readdle is an incredible multi-user application. Designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad users, it meets almost all the needs of today’s fast and smart world.

(3) Total files

Price: USD 4.99 per month

Link to download:

Description : A shared file is the best rescue if most of the work is in PDF. The feature that sets the application apart from others in its class is the extremely powerful PDF reader. It leaves no room for errors from the start, and the annotation functions automatically detect common shapes and gestures to make your work unique! As for the other participants in the race, the application also provides support for cloud services, such as a single player, iCloud services, etc. for effective data protection.

The advanced search is always available if you need help searching between the contents of requests. But the aspect where application information comes into play is that the PIN system is provided to keep your work and other files and folders safe. And not just that! Spotlight’s indexing feature helps you find the file you’re looking for within minutes without having to open the application by scanning all local content.

You can also group files from different and/or unknown sources using virtual folders. The application comes with a full version update for $4.99, which seems reasonable for the work the application does, or you can continue to use the free version of the application.

Best properties of all files:

  • A powerful PDF reader that allows you to correct errors and provide useful information in the shortest possible time.
  • Files can be secured with a PIN code.
  • Files can be synchronized with cloud storage, such as dropboxes, hard drives, and others.
User evaluation : An independent mentor and a wonderful profession that will help you with almost anything related to your work.

4) Files and web browsers in offline mode

The price:

Link to download:

Description : This app received 4.7/5 stars in the Apple Play Store. This offline file management and web browser application is the only one of its kind for file management and storage. It is free and has no restrictions on the storage of your files. It is protected against external influences because it is automatically an application for home users. In other words, it is by default an individual viewing application.

There is a screen version for a mobile website and a screen version for a laptop, which allows the user to navigate smoothly by selecting one of two options. In addition, the application also has an extensive download manager that is fully functional and includes everything from error messages about the progress of the component, a unique automatic renaming feature, queues and resumption of downloads in the background.

The battery is optimized for use with all versions of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iPod and the latest versions of iOS. Not only is it a lot, but this application also has a file manager that allows you to view an N number of files, so you can sort files, search for files intelligently and quickly, and back up zip archives.

It also has a custom search engine that allows you to quickly access the selected files. Finally, version 1.4 is compatible with iOS 9.0. It is also available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Portuguese.  The application is 51.5 MB in size and also works offline, so if you decide to shut down the internet, you can also listen to songs.

Best offline application files and web browser features:

  • No restrictions on data storage.
  • Improved battery performance
  • It protects files with a password.
User Feedback : The reactions of users to this application are very numerous. The users are happy and satisfied with this application. You said that it is an ideal application for importing and exporting files and that there is very little advertising.

5) Manager D

The price:

Link to download:

Description : This app received 4.7/5 stars in the Apple Play Store. This Dmanager application is a very fast and free application to view and manage all your documents. You can save and organize your files and documents in different ways, for example by name or size, by date or by file type. Not only does it have a browser like Safari, but it also has a locking system, which means you can lock Dmanager, and it can only be opened with your touch identification, i.e. your fingerprints or facial recognition.

With this application you can also download files in renewable form. And the new updated version of this application is more flexible and easier to use. It has undergone numerous improvements and simplifications to ensure an uninterrupted service to users.

The new version contains all the top features and many new features. He’s got a chance to show you a story. The settings also include a default search engine. This ensures a smooth reload of the page, as it has reworked part of the navigation and only allows tabs on demand with a pop-up blocker.

This application is 58 MB in size with version 1.5 and requires compatibility with iOS 10.0 or later. The application is available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

best properties DManager:

  • This application offers the possibility of private viewing.
  • The pages load smoothly.
  • Allows a smooth flow of files.
User evaluation : This application is very useful and easy to navigate. It’s also easy to transfer files from your device to cloud storage. Users have indicated that this application does everything that has been mentioned and that it is also elegant, which means that it delivers its service to its users in the shortest possible time. The only problem users face is that many ads are displayed permanently.

6) MyMedia

The price:

Link to download:

Description : This app received 4.6/5 stars in the Apple Play Store. This mymedia application is a very multitasking application with many functions for importing, managing and exporting files on your computer.

It also has an access code lock feature that locks the application so that no one can access it without an already set password, it can process documents in any format such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, RTF, pdf, txt, HTML or other formats in its file manager section, and it can extract ZIP and RAR files in its photo viewer section.

It supports any image or photo format, for the video player section it only supports three formats, such as .m4v, .mp4 and .mov. Finally, the audio player section has features that allow you to play music even when your mobile phone is locked. It allows users to play and repeat the songs to be played, it also displays albums and information about each song, and iPods can be used to control the music.

The version of this mymedia application is 4.9.21, the size is 59 Mb. It is compatible with devices running iOS 11.0 and later and is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod. There are no memory limitations for this application, and downloading songs is possible on any Android device, just like on Android. It also allows background downloading and supports data transfer via Wi-Fi.

Best Features of MyMedia:

  • It is equipped with a locking system to prevent unwanted changes.
  •  Supports all image formats.
  • There is no limit to the number of numbers that can be stored.
User evaluation : The application works without any problems and is suitable for all music lovers. Users are very satisfied with this application and only have a few problems to solve, such as updating the application to download files and keep them in perfect condition.

7) Storage compartment

The price:

Link to download:

Description : DropBox is a popular iOS application for securing, sharing and syncing data with a score of 4.7 out of 5 for users. It allows users to back up media files, access any file stored on any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world, and provides ultra-light file sharing capabilities (of any size). This application is considered to be one of the best file management applications for the iPad because it offers many advanced services. In the free version DropBox offers 2000 GB of storage space, which can be extended to 3 TB with a professional subscription.

The latest version of this application automatically synchronizes files/data with the cloud when the files/data are stopped. Features such as automatic backup of photos and videos in the gallery, offline file access, easy copy and paste option to transfer files from non-DropBox accounts, scan documents from the camera, run notes, documents, receipts in PDF files; are some of the DropBox features that are highlighted.

With the latest enhanced version of DropBox, users can protect their watermarking activity, rewind their account up to 180 days and have control over shared links. The rewind function of the DropBox allows users to remotely restore any file, folder or even an entire account for 30 days. Advanced features such as image search, easy viewing of shared files and professional DropBox subscription plans are available for businesses.

This 291.2 MB application is probably the most popular and widely used file management application on iOS devices. The DropBox supports multiple languages so that every speaker can use this great application. Moreover, DropBox works perfectly with the latest version of iOS and later and is compatible with the iPad Touch, iPad and iPhone.

Better dropbox functions:

  • Automatic backup of data and files.
  • Scan documents with a camera.
  • 2000 GB of hard disk space.
User evaluation : Dropbox provides a simple and convenient file management service for iOS devices. It is an incredibly easy way to share files and store data via DropBox. This is the best digital toolbox for any iOS user.

8) My File Organizer

The price:

Link to download:

Description : My File Organizer is the application every iOS user wants to have in their device. This amazing file management application for iOS offers a number of specific features that most other similar applications do not. It allows users to manage their local and cloud files with a single application. This unique feature helps users organize their files the way they want OR a list without too much effort.

With the integrated file viewer, the user can easily access files in any document format. Users can also easily move files from one cloud drive to another with this file management application. Another specific reason why My File Organizer is one of the best iOS file management tools is its ability to quickly download documents, presentations, notes, voice files, multimedia files and much more.

This application allows you to easily and quickly receive online content from mobile devices and manage files on cloud storage. My File Organizer integrates well with many cloud storage services such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Box Drive and other cloud-based web services.

Other notable features of this application include the ability to move files to folders and convenient document viewing with the built-in document viewer. For example, My File Organizer offers its users a simple and secure file management service.

Best properties of my file organizer:

  • The ability to organize both local and cloud files with this one application.
  • Integration with various online services
  • Flexibility to organize folders as desired
User evaluation : My File Organizer is the best file management application because it allows you to organize files and documents in a simple and smooth way.

9) File Management and Browser

Price: Free of charge.

Link to download:


File Manager & Browser is another great file management application compatible with iPad Touch, iPad and iPhone. This 85.2 MB iOS file manager application is free and comes with a virtual USB stick for iPad and iPhone. It makes it possible to conveniently display images, audio, video, various document formats, ZIP files and much more.

When it comes to supporting multiple desktops, this application is probably the best choice because it supports Microsoft Excel, Office, PowerPoint and Apple iWork. The PDF reader and music player integrated in this application make the work process both simple and enjoyable. In addition, the built-in search function and the sorting of files by name, size, date and type are important features that every user of this file management application benefits from.

The process of file sharing and transfer in the File Manager & Browser application is somewhat unique in that it allows users to share files via email, Bluetooth and Facebook. And when using Wi-Fi, users can transfer files from their PC/Mac. In addition, this application also offers multiple cloud storage services as it is integrated with various cloud services such as Google Drive, DropBox and others.

All data and files are well protected in this application because it provides password protection for the files. This application allows users to copy, move or archive multiple files at the same time. Other important features like iTunes USB file sharing support, built-in search option, open option allows you to open files in different applications, create and extract ZIP files and many other features make this application very productive.

Best file manager and browser properties:

  • Virtual USB key
  • Password protection of files
  • Creating and extracting ZIP files
User evaluation : File Manager & Browser is the best application for sharing and easily transferring options with a built-in PDF reader and music player. If you are looking for more productivity and fun in the records management application, it is mandatory to try it.

10) FileMaster

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : FileMaster is an application developed by Shenzhen youmi information technology C.Ltd. The departure took place on the 04. June 2017. In total, it ranks first in 30 countries. Your phone has turned into a big bag full of stuff, and it’s almost impossible to find the files or folders you need? Then the File Master is an application for you.

This application is designed to keep your phone organized. The application offers a downloader, file manager, document viewer, text editor, wifi driver and audio/video player. A user-friendly application that allows you to perform tasks quickly and easily. It has a modern and elegant user interface. And it offers a large number and variety of tasks/functions. This is a simple application for fast file transfer via WiFi.

An application has many tasks and functions. The list of things you can do with this application is longer than the list of things you can’t do. Exporting and importing images and files is very easy and convenient with this application. You can also use this application as an audio player; it even supports background playback. You can create your playlists – all in one application. One of the main features of this application is that you can use it as a loading program.

You can download files, photos, movies, videos and audio files from various websites. This application is also useful for professionals. The application can support Word, ppt, pdf, HTML etc. The file wizard is also very safe to use because it guarantees the protection of privacy. For some people, however, it is too advanced.

Best features of FileMaster:

  • Hide a file/folder
  • cyclical support
  • Cloud storage medium
User evaluation : It is an extraordinary way to be organized and efficient. You can perform different tasks and functions within the same application.

11) File browser FE

The price:

Link to download:

Description : The IE file was developed by Skyjos, Ltd. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or later, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch EF File Explorer is the solution to your file management problems. Dossier organization is with this application a real walk in the park. The file can be sorted by date, type and name, which is also possible by simply dragging and dropping it.

You can stream movies and music to your phone without downloading them. The application is very quick and easy to use and has powerful options. Multi-window function with better encryption. One of the main features of this application is that it can examine the root files of your android phone. There is a built-in downloader that allows you to download files quickly and easily. The application can synchronize with various cloud storage services.

This sending application allows you to send folders and files between devices. You can use this application as Xender or Zapya. With this application you can also save your photos. This application supports almost all music and photo formats. The application can access Time Capsule, Western Digital and QNAP NAS files. Access shared network resources under Linux using the SMB/CIFS protocol. Each request has its advantages and disadvantages.

Nearby file transfer is a very powerful feature. All you need is two cameras next to each other, and you’re ready to transfer files and photos. The charger’s a little slow. Frequent and boring advertising is a serious problem. This battery discharge application takes up space in the memory and is often opened in the background. There’s deceptive advertising between the files.

FE File Explorer Best Features:

  • Built-in FTP server
  • Dark Mode
  • Access to SD card and USB stick
User evaluation : The EF File Explorer has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the disadvantages are not only due to the experts; it is advisable to compare this application with other applications and then make a decision.

12) iZip

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description: iZip is an application developed by iBoot pt. Ltd and was registered on 06. December 2017. Using this application is the easiest way to operate your phone. Installation is quick and easy. This application is very useful for professionals and entrepreneurs. This application compresses music, photos and videos from iTune. You can compress all your files into a ZIP file.

Files can be opened, unpacked and viewed. This application offers a simple, user-friendly and very easy to use interface. The release level can also be set. This is a very good application if you are looking for the best flash program. You can also compress your photos and videos. These compressed files can easily be sent by post. You can import files and folders from cloud devices such as Google Drive, Box, etc.

This application is very useful for professionals because they can open and view words, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Zip also ensures the security of your Zip files. This is a time-saving application because you can manage files on your mobile phone, including storing, deleting and sorting them. This application has been awarded three out of five stars in the Google App Store.

Like any application, this one has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage of this application is that it is not very useful when it comes to file sharing. The presence of advertising can be embarrassing. Sometimes even this request is very easy to understand. The application cannot extract compressed files. In general, this request has more disadvantages than advantages.

Best properties of iZip:

  • Supports face and touch identification
  • Convert files to Zip file
  • Print documents.
User evaluation : This application has more flaws than a professional. However, you can use this application if you want the application to only archive your files.

13) Pro File management

The price: $4.99

Link to download:

Description : File Manager Pro is an all-in-one software package for managing and sorting files. It supports updates for files in the cloud and cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, etc. This application applies to the Finder on your MacBook. It is the best application for downloading and organizing files. In addition, all files are stored in folders according to their format.

Each file is organized in such a way that it can be accessed with a single keystroke. This application has many important functions such as creating new folders, copying and moving documents, renaming, archiving and extracting files and much more. File Manager Pro has a powerful library for accessing files such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.

In addition, the application has built-in players that are very useful for playing MP3 and video files. And you don’t have to worry about privacy and security, because all your data remains password-protected and accessible from multiple devices. This makes it a fairly secure option for the file management application. Thanks to the excellent presentation and easy access to the menu, you have all files at your fingertips.

This application was rated 4.1 out of 5 in the Apple Retail Store as one of the most selected file management tools in the store. This is a very useful application for people who want to stay organized and keep all their data up to date. All of the above, combined with his basic functions, make the money he paid for it worthwhile.

Best File Manager Pro Features:

  • All file formats are supported.
  • Easy access from multiple devices
  • Support for synchronized cloud computing
User evaluation :

With this application you have all your data at your fingertips without taking up too much space on your device. File Manager Pro is a handy application with powerful tools to easily manage all your data. It costs $4.99 at the store, but it’s really worth it. This is a mandatory request.

14) Submission of the application

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : FileApp is an excellent application for managing your files and data. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone to use and understand. It also supports all file formats such as MP3 and video. This is not your usual file management application because it comes with a powerful graphical editor with really cool filters that you can apply to your images.

The application also features a PDF editor, which allows you to edit and manage all your documents on the go. It supports all file formats, including PDF and Microsoft Office documents. It has many bays and folders where you can share all your files. The multi-device support policy ensures that no matter which device you use, it works without problems.

FileApp lets you store and transfer files on the go by transferring USB files to your desktop with iTunes File Sharing. Additional file sharing options are available via wireless file transfer over Wi-Fi or a third-party application. Key features include password protection for folders, which improves the security of this application, and a system-wide paste function that allows you to paste images or text copied to this application to automatically create a file.

Other important functions are : Rename, archive, unzip, undo remakes, copy, paste, and share files with third-party applications The password and encryption of the iOS data protection file give this application multiple security. If necessary, we can also set a password for wireless data transmission. Most importantly, all of the above features are free of charge.

Best FileApp performance:

  • Files are encrypted with iOS data protection.
  • Files can be transferred across multiple platforms.
  • The PDF and graphic editor has many built-in features and filters and allows you to share and save them.
User evaluation : It is a very good file management application that is compatible with a number of media formats, works well with the iOS Files program and can offer you a unique file environment. It’s the best free file manager application for iOS.

15) OrganiDoc HD

Price: $4.99

Link to download:

Description : Organic HD has, as the name suggests, organized our documents and files in an orderly and clear form. This application has a lot of great features for file management. You can easily browse any folder or file on your device; an amazing user interface takes care of that. Organic also integrates synchronized cloud spaces such as iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox and many others. You can easily collect and store all your different files in this application.

The application is designed in a very simple way and makes it possible to transfer documents, photos, videos and any other file via iTunes. The best feature of this application is that it allows you to store two separate areas, which are public and private; both can be password-protected.

The backup option is very visible in this application because it allows you to back up all your data and download it when and where you need it. Other important features include opening compressed files by unzipping them into OrganiDoc HD and using WiFi technology to transfer files from your desktop to your device or vice versa. Other important features of the OrganiDoc HD are the compatibility and support of terrestrial printing and TV output, making it easy to print files and connect to a TV or projector.

This application supports multiple file formats and allows you to easily open MS Office documents, PDF files, text files, web files, compressed files, image files, video files and more. This program was rated 4.4 out of 5 by the Apple Retail Store, making it one of the most reliable and selected pay-per-use file management programs; it’s worth it.

Best features of OrganiDoc HD:

  • This application manages all your files, both private and public, and protects them with a password.
  • It supports TV output and terrestrial printing, making it easily accessible to printers, TVs and projectors.
  • Securely connect to cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive and others to keep your data current and synchronized.
User evaluation : This application manages all the files and data on your device and makes them available when you travel. It stores files and data synchronized with the cloud so you can recover them at any time.

16) Files

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : The Files application introduced in iOS 11 replaces the iCloud Drive application and in many ways offers the same benefits for unlimited application expansion. Instead of simply renaming the content of your iCloud drive, Files plans to gradually become a concentrated center for your input from multiple administrators.

Documents from cloud-based administrations such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive will also be available, such as PDF Expert and the nearest archive of your iOS gadgets.

There are a few other features that can be very useful for iOS users. The application files allow you to generate shared links so people can access them directly, even if they are stored in the iCloud. You can connect an external SD card and an external drive to access your files. You have tags as a function, use them to organize your records in iClouds and various applications.

The documents will be available on iOS 11 in the near future and if you remove them from your gadget, you can reopen them from the App Store. The Files application also supports different languages such as English, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi and many others.

Best file properties:

  • Quick access to files, wherever you are.
  • Supports external hard disks and SD cards
  • Folder for quick access to files
  • Drag and drop
  • Connecting to the file server via SMB
User evaluation : The Files application lets you view and manage files from any iOS device. No matter which device you use, there will always be an easy way to find documents using the File application.

17) Good readers

The price: $5.99

Link to download:

Description : GoodReader is an application for PDF readers and document managers that can easily read or reread virtually any document, including PDF files, Word archives, books, photos, recordings and sound. The application offers a wide range of tools to increase the number of reports in PDF format, so you can use them, mark fields efficiently and even sign records.

GoodReader works absolutely best when it comes to performance with PDF files. The importance of the reading experience cannot be overemphasized.  GoodReader can also be a storage center that stores files that can’t even be opened in GoodReaders.

The main strength of the Goodreader application must be the safety it offers its users. Since the application is constantly updated, you should expect the next level of data security that you can hardly imagine. If you can afford to do it without a cup of coffee, GoodReader allows you to achieve a military level of data security for the same amount of coffee.

GoodReader has the necessary tools to communicate with cloud administrators and your own servers, so you can get reports that are not available on your iPad in no time. As with other documents that managers organize, you can create organizers and move files between them, as well as write your files in Zip to transfer them to others.

Best GoodReader Features:

  • Data security, military grade encryption
  • Split screen for playing different files side by side
  • File playback supports documents such as PDF, TXT, MS Office, HTML, images, music and audio books.
  • Fast access to servers from Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive,, WbDAV, SMB, AFP, FTP, SFTP
User evaluation : Excellent reading and learning application on the iPad. With the latest version available from the Play Store, users can easily sync multiple iOS devices via iCloud servers.

18) PDF expert

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : PDF Expert is a multi-year application in our own revolution for an excellent explanation: She’s extraordinary at what she does, and what she does is considerable. Although we now mainly use files as our area of interest for all my.files, PDF Expert is what you need to be able to work with PDF files almost anywhere. Although this is the main focus of these folders, you can use PDF Expert to check and view different types of folders, including archives and Google Photos.

There are many important features that may be of interest to you, such as you can quickly open PDF documents from your email and the web, which supports Open in, users have access to full-text search, scroll and zoom. There is a single page and an endless scroll mode for ease of use. For continuous document processing, you have bidirectional synchronization with the repositories.

You can also easily convert web pages, photos and documents to PDF in no time. The conversion process is local, so you don’t have to worry about data security. To permanently hide confidential data, you can use the read function. The problem of formatting text or an image is solved with the help of PDF specialists, it provides quick layouts for any supplied source.

There’s even a standard media player that lets you play the audio and video files you create. Even if you have files nearby, you can also link cloud administrators like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box and Dropbox to PDF Expert and store them in harmony with your iCloud gadgets.

You can get a PDF Expert from the App Store for $9.99, while another $9.99 for the application’s integrated purchase opens the PDF Expert level, allowing you to fully edit PDF files such as content, images and links.

Best Features Expert PDF:

  • Add emotion to the stickers.
  • Fully customizable toolbar for quick access to your favorite toolbar
  • Password protection of content
  • Quick link to the site
  • Editing or modifying existing text
  • Electronic signatures for the online signing of contracts, orders and agreements
User evaluation : This is a fantastic application that offers an excellent user experience. With PDF Expert you can fill out online forms and create creative projects, research and trade journals and much more.

19) Notes

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : Evernote encourages you to keep your thoughts and reports about your devices in order and in harmony. Make new notes in a variety of ways, including text, audio, video and drawing. Add PDF files to your product range and even view physical recordings with the gadget camera. Evernote offers amazing search features that allow you to find relevant content in any entry, including your exams, handwritten stuff.

It presents offers with other notes or assortments and also carries out activities. Evernote lets you sync content from multiple devices. You can automatically link content between your PC, iPad and iPhone. Evernote offers a unique tool to share, create and discuss ideas with your team.

In addition, Evernote is suitable for tasks that fall within the competence of scientists. You can easily plan your content for educational purposes. With this application you can set reminders and receive notifications. Sync in any location is what you can say about Evernote. With this application you can automatically synchronize with any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Evernote is also very useful as a business tool. With Evernote you can easily create custom checklists, create calendars, write notes and create great presentations for your client. This type of file management increases productivity so that multiple people can work on the same project without loss of data.

Evernote is allowed to download and combine two gadgets, but you’ll need $3.99 per month plus or $7.99 per month premium membership to sync with an unlimited number of devices, receive additional inventory and access deactivated notes.

Best quality characteristics:

  • You will receive 10 GB of new downloads every month.
  • Supports an unlimited number of devices
  • Support for email backup in Evernote
  • Offline access to notes and documents
  • Scanning and digitizing business cards
User evaluation : A life-saving application for those who work remotely and for those who work at school. Thanks to this application, this tedious task is now easy to accomplish. where the education sector is very much in demand because of the time saved for this application.

20) Liquid text

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : LiquidText is a statement you like to make when you are still at school. Although LiquidText provides a main area for your PDF records, including those of administrations such as Dropbox, the real intensity of LiquidText lies in its formatting.

This application has been developed for research and offers a unique tool that helps you to make associations within and between archives. LiquidText offers a very specific visualisation that makes it possible to create highlights and search results together in order to gain an overview.

The best part is that you can see the context of the content with a pinch. After creating your content, such as texts, notes and passages, LiquidText can export it to PDF and Docx formats. This will help you to exchange files and communicate with other people. While reading the report, drag an area of fascinating content into the workspace next to the report, or write your own notes by combining them with a hint of text to form a line. Click on a line to go to that part of the message.

You have two archives with fascinating bindings? You can link them together to make your entire test available in a few simple steps. LiquidText supports external devices such as pen, mouse, trackpad and multi-monitors. You can download LiquidText for free, while opening LiquidText Pro costs $9.99, including access to ink programs that help Apple Pencil.

Best performance of LiquidText:

  • Importing the content of the web pages
  • Organize fragments and notes into groups.
  • Support for PDF files, Word documents and PowerPoint documents
  • Import from a dropbox, iCloud drive, mailbox, email
  • Provides an unlimited number of documents at the same time
User evaluation : It is an excellent reading application. The ability to highlight and organize passages in a wide range makes it a great file management application. The $30 per version of the Pro may seem expensive, but this application has no equivalent.

21. iResearchers

The price: $4.99

Link to download:


iExplorer verifies information about your gadget and displays it on a highly structured dashboard. You can easily create text files, record sounds and create envelopes to sort files and archives on your device. This application allows you to exchange information and back up explicit information or the entire iPhone and iPad.

With iExplorer, you can efficiently transfer music from any iPhone, iPod or iPad to your Mac or PC and iTunes. At this point you can search for specific songs, view them and duplicate them in iTunes with a small check mark or a simplified version. Hoping to move something from the dead? With a single click, iExplorer lets you mimic entire playlists in flash memory or use the Auto Transfer backlight to duplicate everything from gadgets to iTunes.

With the iExplorer file manager, users can manage and view remote servers such as shared Windows/FTP/WebDAV/cloud servers. iExplorer can also be used as an e-book reader, media player and photo viewer. You can use this application to listen to music directly and display large images on your device.

The app also allows you to exchange files from your iPhone to a Mac or PC via WiFi and Bluetooth. iExplorer has a great PDF viewing engine that makes moving PDF files on your iPhone a pleasure.

Best properties of the iExplorer:

  • Transfer files and folders between your iOS device and remote servers
  • Sorting files by name/size/date/type
  • 4 themes
  • Streaming of photos, videos and music
  • Multi-tasking
  • Support for Windows / FTP / WebDev / server / cloud file sharing
User evaluation : In general, it is an excellent application for optimizing case management tasks. This application allows better synchronization between different accounts. However, for $5 this application doesn’t offer that many possibilities.

22) iFiles 2

The price: $6.99

Link to download:

Description : The iFiles application can be considered a worthy replacement for many other file management applications.  . It has an advanced and more natural visual interface that allows you to perform multiple tasks. You can use Wi-Fi Move to import files from your PC, collect information and send it to a third-party application.

Whether you’re looking for a simple PDF viewer with comments, a search function, a network for many cloud-based document management applications, sharing recordings between your PCs, a voice recorder, a web downloader or a content tool, iFiles 2 is the primary recording manager you need.

With iFiles 2, you have fast file operations such as moving, copying, downloading, renaming, deleting, emailing, compressing, sharing, exporting, opening and more. The handy Add menu is very advanced and contains a new folder, text file, voice recording, import, photocopy and clipboard camera.

It also supports cloud-based online services and protocols such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud,, OneDrive, SMB/CIFS, SugarSync, AFP (Mac), FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Flickr, Google Photos, Facebook, Rackspace CloudFiles, CloudApp, PogoPlug, WebDav, Amazon S3, OwnCloud, 4Shared: DreamObjects and UltiCloud.

This application has a built-in voice recorder so you can record your voice notes. iFiles is based on many document settings such as MS Office, PDF and the online management cloud, such as B. Dropbox.

Best iFiles 2 performance:

  • Web and email loader
  • Sound recorder and context menu
  • Gluing in the clipboard
  • Files to view PDFs, thumbnails, zip files, and files to extract.
  • Password protection
User evaluation : The user will find this application very simple and easy to use. The same file sources such as NAS, S3, GDocs, Flickr, fb, Picasa and many others are supported. It may take longer to download the files for an application. It’s always a great application to use!

23) Combination files

The price: $1.99

Link to download:

Description : Files United is the best document management application for iPhone or iPad. Access cloud administrators, get the most out of your IT content and work with files from a single application. A creative design and an extremely smooth user interface make Files United your daily partner.

Get all your advanced content from a single application. This application gives you maximum access to photos, videos, music and recordings. There are two main features: a document viewer and a file manager that supports the most common formats, including Microsoft Office archives, PDF reports, images, music, videos, websites and zip files.

Files United is the incredible archive/document/file manager for iOS gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad. The application offers great features, such as the ability to create envelopes to organize archives, mark files as first choice, duplicate and move files, keep words secret, and so on. The application also lets you share files from your iPhone via WiFi and Bluettoth on your Mac or PC.

Files United is available as a Mac application from the Mac App Store. As a Windows client, you can receive files from your PC via SMB. With WiFi Connect, you can work with files on your iPad or iPhone via your computer’s Windows Explorer.

The application has a built-in web browser that makes it possible to view archives and pages directly from within the application. To protect yourself, you can even set up password protection for your application to prevent certain information from being viewed by others. Files United also supports the following cloud-based administrations, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. SMB, FTP, SugarSync.

United’s best properties:files

  • Access to various file management tasks, including printing, closing and unpacking, and password protection
  • Drag-and-drop option from Mac to iOS
  • Wifi connection
User evaluation :  A well-designed, durable app that makes it easy to transfer files to your iPad even when you’re not connected to the Internet. A very simple user interface and no fantastic graphics ensure flawless operation.

24) File n folder

The price: Free of charge.

Link to download:

Description : File n Folders is an alternative to iOS that we can use completely free of charge on our iPhone or iPad and which, thanks to many useful features, allows customers to easily import files, whether they are using a PC or WiFi transmission, or a cloud employee, etc.

We can also quickly transfer photos and recordings from your iPhone to your Mac or PC. At the same time we can manage or play different arrangements directly from within the application to listen to music, view recordings and much more.

PC Files offers an interesting feature for moving files between your PC and the iOS gadget, but with many additional features that are difficult to authenticate and leave options such as distributed storage or Bluetooth transfer. Given the future customer needs for your workspace and the limited memory interface of your iOS gadget, there are many similarities that offer more customizable methods for sharing these files.

After downloading the PC files, the first step is to introduce the Buddy App to your workplace. Now you can configure both applications to move selected files between gadgets. The procedure is really simple and is completed according to plan, but the extra resources it contains seem to be superfluous. What’s more, the Files menu on the left doesn’t allow you to create organisers or sort files by type or range, and you can’t move files on your iPad unless they’ve recently been left with PC files.

This application supports files such as PDF, Zips, Text, HTML, MS Office and many others. In any case, this application is allowed for limited use only; you will have to buy it for $1.99 to transfer more files.

Folder with the best file properties:

  • Download some photos, files, and videos from iOS gadgets on Mac and Windows
  • Supports MS Office, PDF, Text, HTML, Zips and Video.
  • Envelope functions for storing electronic messages and attachments
  • One-time purchase for life
User evaluation :  The user interface is not creative at first, but the application is as responsive as you can ask. You will be satisfied with the availability and lack of user experience.

25) iStorage 2HD

The price: $4.99

Link to download:

Description : Overall, iStorage offers the equivalent of previous versions, document synchronization with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, SkyDrive, Box and Dropbox servers, and integration with iCloud and Wi-Fi for sharing recordings. We can only say that it should be an application for advanced users. At first glance, however, understanding the interface seems very complicated. But since you have many special features, you will probably get used to the interface in a short time.

There are incredible features you get with iStorage HD. Built-in web browser, image editing program. And bookmark browsers will be very useful for advanced users. In any case, it has the advantage of a two-panel mode of operation that allows us to store two different sets of data simultaneously, allowing us to move documents to both iCloud and FTP without even breaking a sweat, as we can drag and drop content where you need it.

Files can be duplicated or dragged using the two-screen display options. Select the originally installed drive on one side and a specific drive on the other side. Click on the item you want to copy or move, hold it and drag it to the next page of the display case. After deleting a document, the option to copy or move it appears.

Another useful feature of iStorage 2 HD 2.4 is the ability to move files to different iOS gadgets via Bluetooth or WiFi. iStorage 2 HD must work with iOS gadgets to move the recording. However, we expect this feature to be connected via AirDrop in the updated version.

It has a PDF editing manager that supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc., including line numbers. We can also send documents and complete envelopes by post. Anyway, one thing you should know is that this app has been pretty refreshing since 2015, which means it can have a lot of bugs with the latest iOS performance.

Best iStorage 2HD performance:

  • Drag and drop objects to copy and transfer files for iPhone and iPad.
  • Access to iCloud and FTP servers
  • Easy configuration of options
  • Numerous transfers and treatments
User evaluation :  This is regarded as a good alternative to applications from file managers. The main highlight that users will appreciate is the drag-and-drop option when copying and moving files. The application seems expensive, but costs money because of its great features.

Tell us what you’d rather have?

Now that you have a list of the best file management applications for the iPhone and iPad, let us know your choice in the Notes section below. In the end, it all depends on your involvement in managing the different types of documents and which application perfectly suits your needs. Let me know what you think.


We hope this article has helped you find the best file management application for iPad. Now you have a choice! If you have any questions about Android, iOS, Mac and their accessories, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please mention your problem in the comment section below so we can help you find the best solution.

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