How To Set Up Donations on Twitch [Full Guide]

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Microsoft Store App missing in Windows 10 version 20H2

Microsoft Store or, in other words, Windows 10 Store is the official marketplace for downloading applications, games, music, movies, TV shows and books. But what happens if the Microsoft Store stops working or disappears from Windows 10? A number of users report that the Microsoft Store application has completely disappeared, but that other applications are … Read more

10 Best Wallpaper apps for Android with Awesome Backgrounds (2021)

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The New True Wireless Champ

INTRODUCTION Power Beats Pro – these are wireless headphones, like the wireless Airpod. Up to 9 hours of listening, the sound and battery life are better than AirPods, and it stays firmly in place in the ear thanks to the ear hook. The Power Hitting Pro has a clearer sound system, which means it sounds … Read more

Discord Stuck on starting or Won’t Open on Windows 10 [Solved]

published on the 31st. December 2020 in the : Such as Dissonance, one of the most popular and free VoIP services, enables text, video and audio communication between the players in the game. And the Discord application, which is available for all versions of Windows, includes Mac, Linux, iOS and Android users. But sometimes the … Read more

Best Zip Program For Mac

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Easy Steps To Back Up IPhone Without ITunes

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How to blur background images in Android –

Development issue/problem: What is the best way to blur the background images as shown below? I’ve seen some codes and libraries, but they’re a few years old, or like the BlurBehind library, but it doesn’t have the same effect. Thank you in advance. How can I solve this problem? Solution 1: The easiest way is … Read more