DJI Osmo Pocket 2 Hands-On Review: A Much Better Sequel


  • Better value for money
  • Better sensor, focal length and greater angle.
  • Significantly improved microphone configuration
  • Various accessory options, including
  • Discreet set with universal controls also for the basic set
  • You forget the general’s first bag in an instant.


  • Still no wireless connection right out of the box without accessories to make it possible
  • The gate connection could be a bit Finnish.

When cameras in general meet mobility requirements, it may seem like an amazing combination, but no one turns to the fine line where the product can be either an absolute success or a product full of absolute compromises. Osmo Pocket brought this interesting combination into a portable package, but it really was an Early Adopter product – DJI’s idea and concept was impressive and we liked it, but it’s not what we wanted – we’ll talk about it in this review, but Pocket 2 on the other hand is a much better successor and what you should own.

Exclusion of liability : We have tested this DJI Osmo Pocket 2 for a short period of time because of its full motion control, because at home we limit ourselves to reducing contact and smoothing out the curve, so this will be a more practical overview, but don’t worry about how we plan to review when things get better and shoot a little.

Still compact, but with thoughtful improvements

The DJI OSMO Pocket 2 is just as compact as the previous generation, and you’ll see it’s very similar from top to bottom. The Pocket 2 is still compact enough to fit in a suitcase and comes with this hard case. Best of all, there are mini-compartments for storing the adapter and other accessories you can take with you.

The lower part of Pocket 2 is removable – and there’s the Do-It-All handle to connect the tripod holder. It’s a relief that he now has a tripod, and you have no idea how much it changes things.

But OSMO Pocket 2 has undergone some subtle changes that need to be improved, and it includes the included accessories – we now have a basic set equipped with the essentials, not a pen, external microphones, and so on. But in the basic version, there’s a special accessory that makes Pocket 2 much more user-friendly than the first generation. This is a mini control panel that comes with the two kits you buy. The interaction with Pocket 1 is an absolute problem because the sliding screen is not the best and it can seem a bit uncontrollable. The Control Stick is a bargain to make the experience much more enjoyable – with a special joystick on the side and a button to switch from one mode to another.

Unfortunately you can’t use the control stick if you want to link it to your smartphone as a viewfinder, but it makes more sense that the control on your smartphone is more comfortable and that the larger screen also offers a better view. The connection is based on the old adapter, but if you want to connect it wirelessly, you need a universal pen to enjoy the absolute benefits. There is another steering wheel, but that is limited to one direction and has two buttons.


Solid state sensor characteristics

What made me love Osmo Pocket 2 is the size of the sensor, the aperture and the new wider angle compared to the previous generation. This may seem like a small improvement, but it’s very good, and it makes a big difference when creating content.

The previous Osmo Pocket had a very small sensor – 1/2.3, which was really small, had an aperture of f/2.0 and a focal length of 26mm with a wide angle of 80 degrees – when we tested it on the output, we were not a big fan of it because the performance was unsatisfactory. However, making a group video wasn’t easy because you had to keep pushing your hand or stand on a kind of tripod, and working in low light was breathtaking. But Pocket 2 makes you forget the first generation, and the best 1.7-inch sensor with f/1.8 makes a big difference, and now the 20mm focal length and the coupled 92 degrees FOV makes this camera exciting to play in so many airplanes.

I’ve enjoyed the whole shoot how you can integrate other things into your environment, especially if you’re planning a VLOG, and I can imagine bringing Pocket to the event to do B-roll and record a good video in the normally overwhelming light we see at events like this. You really get all the other extra features like the AF 2.0 Hybrid, which really looks much more sophisticated, and the tracking is impressive – something I liked from the first generation and still do. The only disadvantage is that you cannot shoot in RAW and JPEG formats. So it’s one or the other.

There are – again – accessories to fully enjoy shooting with Pocket 2 – how to buy ND filters, how to set them up and how to make great movies that we really wanted to do, but because of the pandemic and the implementation of a motion control order by the government (also called lockdown), we couldn’t do that. But we’re planning on coming back, so keep an eye on it.

Hello, four microphones

Another nice improvement for bag 2: A microphone. We could forgive a small sensor, but a first-generation microphone was the reason we stayed away from our personal Osmo bag. The Pocket 2 is now much better with 4 different microphones on each side of the Pocket 2, allowing it to also enjoy some of the benefits of the software department – SoundTrack, AudioZoom and Directional Audio.

To be honest, the microphone in pocket 2 is better than the first generation, which is overwhelming – the stereo recordings are amazing. I always recommend having an external microphone and synchronizing it in post-production, which we always do when we do our A-Rolls in the studio, but if you’re on the road and want to play a bit, the microphone on Pocket 2 is always a good option. There’s an accessory for a wireless microphone with a windbreak that comes with the Pocket 2, and if you always use the Pocket 2 mainly for VLOG or even if I’m walking around with events and views – chances are – you’ll definitely buy a wireless microphone.

Test data

Here is a test recording that covers the microphone and gives you an idea of the field of vision it provides.

Rifle options

For the rest of the Pocket 2 you still get the cream of the crop from DJI – 8x zoom to capture a little further away, and in photo mode, where you can take photos, it does pixel binning to capture 64MP photos, but don’t forget that the sensor itself is only a 16MP sensor. You can choose from various video recording options, from FHD to 4K60. And with the application – MIMO, it has an AI editor that allows you to create clips of events that happened to your loved ones on vacation. It also has a number of characteristics that we have seen in the previous generation, such as time-lapse. These characteristics deserve to be verified in the real world.


There are many reasons why I would choose Pocket 2 to travel or even work. We personally trust the gimbals in front of our mirrorless camera, and when we take pictures with a smartphone, we trust them too. These are incredible tools to boost production, but if there are events and trips you want to cut down on clutter and just enjoy, an OIS smartphone camera won’t be enough.

The DJI Pocket 2 solves this problem in two ways: with a camera fired directly into the system and with the Gimbal system from a company that has been a pioneer in professional and consumer applications for years. The RM 1549 for the kit we researched here is an unbelievable shot in the arm, and it costs every penny and a hundred to take the second genome personally, compared to the first genome, which will soon be cheaper. If you’re from the first generation, we can’t believe we’re saying this – it’s worth renewing.

If you’re a vlogger or content maker like us, you’ll love every aspect of Pocket 2. Personally, we look forward to using Pocket 2 for a long time as our personal camera for events or even as a blogger for our website.

We give DJI Osmo Pocket 2 a golden award for the best successor and the best value for money in times like these. Special thanks to DJI Global for sending a sample report on this content.

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