How Can I Recover Deleted or Lost Data From Oppo F11 Pro?

Board of Experts : The best solution to recover lost data from the Oppo F11 Pro is Android Data Recovery, the ideal data recovery software for the Oppo F11 Pro.

With the Android data recovery tool it is possible:

  • Recover lost, lost, deleted and deleted files from Oppo F11 Pro effectively
  • Retrieve files such as images, sound, videos, call history, WhatApp chat history, voice notes, text messages, notes, documents, and more.
  • We also receive data from broken, cracked screens, locked and flashed ROMs, updated operating systems, virus attacks on oppo-smartphones.
  • Supports all Oppo phone modes, including Oppo F17, Find X, Find 17 Neo, F9, F9 Starry purple, Find X Lamborghini, A5, A7 and others.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, reliable and easy to use.

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Oppo Electronic Corp. is a popular company known for the production and marketing of smartphones, known as Oppo Smartphones.

The company has already built up a good reputation in the mobile phone market and to maintain this reputation, it often makes good smartphones. And they launched another phone called Oppo F11 Pro.

According to Oppo, the F11 Pro is described as – OPPO F11 Pro 48MP – a bright portrait in low light. Camera – The combination of dual rear camera settings with 48MP+5MP resolution, a large image sensor, large aperture and AI image processing makes it easier than ever to capture images with professional results.

To learn more about the Oppo F11 Pro smartphone, click here. B. Visit the Oppo F11 Pro website OPPO F11 Pro – brilliant portrait in low light.

But just like other smartphones, the Oppo F11 Pro has always erased or lost data.

There are several reasons for data loss or deletion that may occur with Oppo F11 Pro. Some reasons are listed below.

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Causes loss or deletion of data that may occur on F11 Pro

  • The data was accidentally deleted from the smartphone.
  • Have you forgotten your screen lock/PIN code/card lock password?
  • to reset your phone to factory settings.
  • Viral infection.
  • Damaged water, flashing ROM, black screen locked, system error, operating system update, damaged/broken screen, stuck in Oppo logo, etc.

For the above reasons, your Oppo F11 Pro smartphone may lose or delete data.

The question now arises how lost or deleted data can be recovered from the Oppo F11 Pro.

Relax! Relax!

You can always restore deleted data from your Oppo F11 Pro smartphone. The solutions are listed below, just follow them.

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Decision 1: Recovery of deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro withBackup

If you have already backed up your Oppo F11 Pro phone, you can easily restore the data.

Steps for restoring Oppo F11 Pro data from local backup

If you have backed up your phone for a local backup, follow the steps below to restore the data.

Step one: On your phone, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Backup and Reset > Local backup. You can also go to Tool> Backup and Restore. Here you see a backup of the data.

Step two: Now you need to view the data and size of each backup file and select the most appropriate backup on Oppo F11 Pro. The recovery process is finally beginning.

Step three: Wait now and let your device complete the recovery process. And once this process is complete, you will find all your lost data on your Oppo F11 Pro.

Pay attention: Do not turn off the power during the recovery process. This method allows you to retrieve applications, your personal data such as videos, photos, messages, WhatsApp chat history, voice memos, call transcoding, notification settings, clock, and so on.

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Steps to retrieve Oppo F11 Pro photos and videos from Google Drive

If you already have photos, videos and other documents from your Oppo F11 Pro phone stored on your Google Drive, you can easily back up your Google Drive.

Below are the steps for restoring photos, videos and other documents from your hard drive backup to the cloud by Google:

Step one: Open the Google Drive application on your Oppo smartphone or visit the Google Drive website.

Step two: Sign in to your Google Drive account with a Gmail username and password.

Step three: After logging in, you can view your backup files.

Step four: Now you need to select the files you want to restore and download them to your Oppo F11 Pro phone.

Another question is: what if you don’t have a backup of your Oppo F11 Pro? How can I recover lost or deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro without using a backup?

Continue reading this article to learn more about the Oppo F11 Pro solution for backup-free data recovery!

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Decision 2: Restoring lost or deleted data from Oppo F11 Pro without backup

If you have not backed up your Oppo F11 Pro phone data, we strongly recommend that you try the most popular and widely used Android data recovery software, which is a reliable Oppo F11 Pro data recovery software.

With this data recovery tool for Oppo F11 Pro you can recover lost, deleted, missing or deleted files such as videos, photos, call logs, call history, audio, contacts, notes, calendar, voice notes, voice recordings, SMS and more directly from your Oppo F11 Pro without the need for backup.

The best part of Oppo F11 Pro data recovery tool is available for Windows and Mac computers.

This software also restores inaccessible data from broken screen, reset, ROM firmware, virus attack, blockade, water damage, root and broken Oppo F11 Pro smartphones. This data recovery tool from Oppo F11 Pro has a preview function that allows you to preview the files you want to recover in a preview screen of the software, so you can see all the files you want to recover.

Pay attention: After you delete or lose the data on your phone, stop using the Oppo F11 Pro, because if you add data to it, the existing data will be overwritten and you may lose any chance to recover the file.

Here you can follow the instructions to recover lost data from Oppo F11 Pro without backup with the Android data recovery tool.

You can also:

Bonus: Backup and recovery Oppo F11 Pro phone

To prevent data from being erased or lost, you should back up Oppo F11 Pro data to your PC using Android Backup & Restore software.

It’s the robust Oppo F11 Pro backup and recovery software that backs up data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call/speech recordings, sound, WhatsApp messages, documents, applications and application data.

Here are the steps for backing up and restoring Oppo F11 Pro data.

You can also back up your phone data to online services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and others. You can also back up the device for local backup over the phone.


In this article you have read about some effective solutions for recovering deleted data from the Oppo F11 Pro. Restoring data becomes very easy if you have a backup. However, if there is no backup, it is highly recommended to try the Android data recovery software just before it is too late.

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