How to Hide a Folder in Windows

If you share your PC/laptop with family members or friends for a certain period of time, it becomes necessary to hide certain personal folders from everyone.

These personal folders allow you to store your content without worrying about what happens when someone sees it,

Methods for hiding a folder mentioned here from a daily user who wants to hide one or two folders from colleagues and family,
Don’t rely on these methods if you need to hide important private things.
Use something safer and store them in a multi-level security system.

Here are some simple ways to hide a file.

Use built-in hidden folder Option

It’s easy, and you may already know that,

Windows supports native support. If you want to hide a folder from others, this option is not so safe because everyone can view a window and see the hidden folder.

But if your folder is at the bottom of another folder at the same time, it works for you.

To hide a folder using the native function, there are two ways to access the option

  • Right-click on the folder you want to hide.
  • Check the Hidden option box on the General Features tab in the Attributes section.
  • Application Hit
  • You will be asked to hide only this folder or only this folder and all subsequent folders and files,

Your folder is now hidden in Windows File Explorer.

If for some reason you see a file with a fade effect, you need to do one more thing in addition to the steps described above.

  • Open the File Manager menu in the top left corner.
  • Select the Edit folder and search options
  • Now go to the View tab and select Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives.
  • Select Apply

Your folder should now be hidden from the file manager.

Another easy way to do all this is by using the Windows File Manager Ribbon, where all options are available.

  • Open the Windows Ribbon file managers when minimized with Ctrl+F1
  • Switch to tabbed view
  • Select Hide selected items in the selected folder.
  • Make sure the Hidden items option is checked.

And that’s it. Both methods generally have the same effect.

Use the command line to hide folder

One of the disadvantages of using the native Windows file manager is that someone with access to your computer can easily hide the folder in seconds.

Using the command line, we can do extra things to make the file and folder invisible, even if the folder view option is set to show hidden files.

We will use CMD to install the directory in the system folder, so it will not appear in the file explorer afterwards.

Use the following CMD ATTRIB command

Attribute +s +h E:PathFolder.

If you execute the above command, you can install E:pathtofolder hidden and set up the system folder

If you want to hide, just replace the + with the top team.

-s attribute -h E:PathFolder

You can see your file now.

Simply exit with the password.

If confidentiality is your main concern, simply close the file with Winrar or 7zip and set a password.

Therefore, only you can decompress the folder,

Also don’t forget to set a secure password and store it in a safe place in your password manager so that you don’t forget it.

To create a password-protected .zip file,

  • Right-click on the desired .zip folder.
  • Select 7-Zip from the context menu and choose the option to add to the archive.
  • In the 7-Zip window, set a unique password that suits you and click on the archive folder Ok.

Depending on the size of the folder, your zip file will be created so that you can save it in a safe place wherever you want. Nobody can save it in the .zip file, but you can see its name.

You can still use specialized software to hide files and folders on a Windows PC, but the above methods are simple and easy to use for most users.

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