How to know if your Airpods are real?

For the most expensive gadgets, there are counterfeit products on the market to mislead the uninformed consumer and make him pay a high price for a counterfeit product instead of the real one. If you’re looking for a lower price on Apple AirPods, look out for some fake AirPods.

Counterfeit products are usually exact replicas of genuine AirPods – at least on the outside – but there are a few ways to distinguish a counterfeit from a genuine one. If you’re worried about being cheated when you buy Apple AirPods, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to noticing a number of flaws in the design of the fake pods, there are also technical details that can tell you whether your AirPods are fake or genuine. In this article we’ll give you some tips to help you determine if a pair of AirPods is real or fake by comparing the technical and design details.

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It is much more difficult to reproduce real Airpods, especially technologically, as the copier is looking for ways to reduce production costs. Fake AirPods undoubtedly have some technical disadvantages compared to real AirPods. To list a few of them, here are some common technical errors of fake AirPods.

Real AirPods connect faster to

Apple AirPods use an H1 chip that connects to your iOS device without manually going through Bluetooth settings. Fakes don’t connect that easily. True AirPods connect faster to iOS devices. It is estimated that it takes no more than 10 seconds to connect to a nearby iOS device.

Many fake AirPods require you to connect using Bluetooth settings and in some cases you will need to connect each AirPod separately. However, this will never happen with real AirPods.

Try out all the features of the AirPods.

While real AirPods have many useful features, fake AirPods certainly have difficulty reproducing these features. To know if your AirPods are real, check each of their features l- Double your foot to activate Siri, next/previous track, play/pause music and auto-ear detect. This works depending on the AirPod settings.

Battery life

While Apple claims that AirPods can last up to 5 hours on a single charge, counterfeit AirPods significantly reduce battery life.

Find my AirPods does not work on fake

Apple’s Find My feature is a great help in locating lost AirPods. It helps you find lost devices with your Apple ID, and of course forgeries can’t work with your official Apple ID. So, if the Find My Air Pods option is not enabled, your AirPods are probably fake.

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If you compare real AirPods to fake AirPods, you may notice some design differences that can tell you whether the model you buy is real or fake.

Verify the serial number of the AirPods with Applerecords .

The best way to verify AirPods is to verify them on the Apple website using their unique serial number. If your AirPods are fake, the serial number shown on the case will not be confirmed by Apple on its official website.

You can use the serial number of genuine AirPods to check the remaining warranty period from the date of purchase. This tells us that the AirPods are on the company’s product list and that they are real.

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Comparison of original and counterfeit AirPod packaging

It is often possible to recognise a counterfeit product simply by looking at the packaging. Compare the packaging of your AirPods to the original AirPod and you may find spelling errors or simply design inconsistencies. That’s because most fake manufacturers don’t pay much attention to details.

The packaging will not be of good quality, and you can easily notice the difference in font size and colour, because real packaging board has a very dense grey font colour and small spaces between the letters.

Check the flash connection

Genuine AirPods come with a charging case with a lightning rod at the bottom, and the lid of the case closes with a magnet. It has a single light source that lights up orange and green to indicate whether the box and capsules are sufficiently charged. You can pair the AirPods with the configuration button on the back of the case, which may not be the case with Knockoffs.

Most fake AirPods weigh less than the real ones. Apple AirPods are high quality, and counterfeit AirPods are made from cheaper, lighter material.

Check the AirPods and charger housing for construction faults

Compare your AirPods and Charger Box design to Apple AirPods. If you find a design flaw, like. B. Vents and openings that are not properly positioned can be held – unless it’s a faulty device that Apple will replace.

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