How To Open Camera In Laptop Windows 7/8/10

How to open a camera in a laptop under Windows 7/8/10 – Every laptop is usually already equipped with a camera at the top of the screen, but many people are unfamiliar with the camera function.

Opening a camera in a Windows laptop

In the early days of portable cameras, they were only used for taking photos or making self-prints, even though they were not as bright, even more dominant in the dark. For example, the use of handheld cameras has been abandoned because people prefer smartphone cameras with more clarity, not just because the price of smartphones is becoming increasingly affordable.

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Currently, however, there are several video communication services, such as B. Skype, and even the most recent is scaling up, which is very useful for holding important meetings remotely, where laptops are often used. Many of them should therefore be able to activate the application on their laptops.

Of course, you must first activate the camera on your laptop before you can activate these applications. This is what confuses some people when they start it up due to various complaints, including the lack of an application to run the camera on a camera that doesn’t work. This time I will explain how easy it is to fully activate the camera on the laptop.

How to open a camera in a Windows notebook computer 2021

There are several ways to activate the camera on your laptop, don’t worry, just follow the method below to activate the camera on your laptop.

Installing Laptop Camera Driver

You must first check and install the camera driver for the notebook computer. If you want to use the standard Windows camera application, you do not need to search for another camera application, but you can check the camera driver in the Device Manager before doing so. If it is not installed, install it first.

You don’t know how to install the driver and how to get the camera driver? You can download the driver from the official website below.

There is an easier way to install the drivers you need. Especially the use of a driver package. Usually this driver package has a finger, you don’t have to search for the driver yourself, just use this driver package.

In addition to using the camera’s driver and driver package, you can also install it directly from your Device Manager. The method is quite simple, you find the driver of the camera in the device manager, then right-click on the driver and select Update Driver Software.

Opening a camera in a Windows 10, 8, 7 laptop

After installing the camera driver, you can now activate the camera by following a few steps in the settings.

  • Open the Start menu.
  • Then enter the parameters or preferences in the search program.
  • Then enter the camera’s privacy settings in the search column
  • When you have found it, open the privacy settings of the device.
  • Then activate the resolution applications to access your camera.
  • Then check which applications are allowed and need access to the camera by selecting Applications in the Microsoft Store.
  • You can make it all happen.
  • Fact.

How to open a camera in a laptop with Windows 7

As I explained before, Windows usually has a camera application, so you can use it right away. And yet you still don’t know how to open the camera application on your laptop? Once the camera driver is installed, you can activate the camera immediately, and there are several ways to activate the camera under Windows 7, 8 and 10.

How to open a camera in a laptop with Windows 7

On Windows 7, perform the following steps

  • Turn on your laptop.
  • Click on a star
  • To activate the mobile phone camera, enter the camera in the search program
  • When you’ve found it, open the application.
  • Use the standard camera of the Windows application

Opening a camera in a laptop with Windows 8

To activate your camera in Windows 8. Perform the following steps.

  • You open your laptop.
  • Then press the Start button.
  • Cross-camera search application looking for
  • Open the application after the session.
  • And a portable camera you can use…

How to open a camera in a laptop with Windows 10

Not much different from Windows 7 and 8 on Windows 10, please follow these steps.

  • Open your laptop.
  • Enter the camera in the search field column.
  • Then, when you’ve found the application, please open it.
  • Wait a few minutes to open the application.
  • ready for use

Laptop camera request

If there is no camera application in the windows you are using, you can use the laptop camera application below.


Maybe those who are used to working with handheld cameras are already familiar with the Youcam application. This widespread application can be your reference for portable cameras.

Multiple webcams without VCR

There is also Multi Webcam Video Recorder Free, which is also generally recommended by some people, and many trusted websites recommend this Multi Webcam Video Recorder Free camera application.

Camersoftwebcam recording

One way to activate the camera on your laptop is to use a third party camera application. Besides the two above mentioned applications there is also the Camersoft Webcam Capture application that you can use. Download the Camersoft Webcam Capture application.

Webcam Toys

How can you confuse the application of the camera you are going to use? If this is the case, don’t get confused, you can use the application for a toy webcam. Give it a try, please.

Camera window

The last one is a Windows camera. This application is also installed on several laptops, which is simple and easy to use compared to other camera applications.

How do I repair a portable camera that doesn’t work?

You’ve used a few ways to activate the camera on your laptop, but you still can’t? If this is the case, follow the procedure for repairing a camera on a laptop that does not work, or an error I reported.

Reinstalling the camera driver

You can first reinstall an existing camera driver. This method is intended to repair the pilot in the event of an error. In the meantime, follow the step-by-step instructions I made above.

Performing driver updates in Device Manager

The second option is to update the driver in the device manager. This method is quite easy to use, just connect to the internet. Open the device manager on your notebook and find the camera driver. Once you have found it, right-click on the camera driver, select Update Driver Software and follow the procedure below.

Notebook Reset

If both of the above methods still don’t work. Please reinstall the laptop you are using. This method can be performed by the operating system you are using, the camera application does not support, or cannot be used. Some are performed after reinstalling the camera and the camera can be used immediately. So you can try.

Recovering a laptop instead of a notebook

If all methods have been applied, but still cannot be applied, you can immediately go to the nearest service point where you need to operate the laptop in order to use the device.

Details :


Why isn’t that clear yet? You can use one method to activate this device immediately, but you need to be careful during the installation, whether it’s installing the driver or installing the laptop.

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