How To Save a Word Document As a jpeg

Hello, dear readers, and today in this article you’re going to learn how to save a document in jpeg format from a Mac or Windows PC. This is useful when you need to draw super-impressive JPEG images from a multi-page Word document. Let’s start by reading this article.

Simple instructions for saving a Word document in jpeg format

There are times when an image is better suited to your needs than a text document. However, Microsoft Office Word documents cannot be saved in JPEG format with the Word application. However, there are ways to do this. Saving a Word document in JPEG format is a simple multi-step process using a scanner, image editing software or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. There are also programs that can be downloaded to run the job, for example B. Universal document converter and virtual printer driver for images. To save the document in jpeg format, follow the steps below.

Converting a Word document to a JPEG image with Adobe Acrobat Pro-Dc

  • You must first open the Word document you need as an image or in JPEG format.
  • And if you have opened the Word document file on your computer. Then click on the File menu and select Save As.
  • The next step is to save the file in PDF format. Click on the menu option Save As and select the PDF menu in the Export Format section.
  • Then click on the following options:
    1. Most suitable for printing radio buttons
    2. And, the Export button.
  • And if you have created a PDF file, you must open it in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (you must use the purchased version because the free version of the reader does not work). Then select the following options:
    1. File menu > Export to image
    2. and then click on the JPEG format
  • Then you need to configure the JPEG settings. Before configuring the settings, make sure that the JPEG format is selected to save the file.
  • To get high quality and high resolution JPEG images on every page of your document, select the options below from the drop-down menu and click OK:
    1. Grey scale and colour : JPEG (quality: maximum)
    2. Resolution: 300 pixels/inch
  • The last step is to specify a location on your computer where you want to save your JPEG files and then click the Save button:
  • And now you can see the recorded result and share it with everyone. Your original Word document now contains multiple JPEG images, depending on the number of pages.

Saving a Word document in jpeg format using the image editor

Microsoft Paint allows you to convert a Microsoft Word document to JPEG format. Paint is a free application for Windows PCs. Thanks to this technology you can save a Word document in the background of your desktop or even use it wherever you want. Follow the instructions:

  • Open the document and make sure you make maximum use of the document’s screen. Scroll to the part of the document you want to save as a JPEG image. Use the zoom function to enlarge or reduce the image.
  • Then press the Print Scrn key on the right side of the keyboard (next to F12). The print screen function copies everything that is displayed on the screen so that you can enlarge the screen of the document.
  • Open image editing programs such as Paint or Adobe Photoshop on your computer. Paint is also a photo editing tool or program that comes standard with every Windows PC. You can find it under the All Programs/Accessories section of the Windows Start button.
  • Select Paste from the ink editing options. This activates the image copied from the print screen. Cut, trim or modify parts of the document, for example B. the Word ribbon and other widgets shown above. This allows you to create a clean document similar to the original Word document.
  • Save the image in JPEG format by selecting Save as in the file options. Name the image and select the JPEG file format.

Saving a Word document as jpeg using the WindowsCutting Tool .

If you want to save a Word document or convert it to cone-shaped format, the cutter is a handy tool for you. With the Trim Tool you can create a JPG file from a Word document.

  • First click on the document file to open it and select the paragraph you want to save in Jpeg format.
  • In the next step, select File > Print or use the key combination Ctrl + P to open the document in preview mode.
  • Then click on the Start button and type the Sniper tool into the search box.
  • In the search results you will see the cut-off tool, just click on it to open it. Scissors are open.
  • Then click on the Mode option at the top of the Culture tool and select Rectangular Culture.
  • Select Create and then drag a rectangle around your document in the preview window. When you release the mouse, the sniper appears in the window of the sniper tool.
  • To save, click the Save button. A window will open on your screen.
  • Where you select a location where you want to save the file. Then enter the name you gave the file and select JPG in the Save as type field. Then choose Save.

Take a look at this: Landscape Doc. Google

Use a third party tool to save your Word document as jpeg.

For different combinations of Word documents or tables, text, images and other types of content from multiple pages, a third party application can help. There are many online sites that convert Word documents to any graphic format for free. You can use them for free.

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