IPhone 12, IPad Air 4th Generation, Facebook Gaming And Other Things

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Hi guys, this is Sanjeev from Tekkle. Welcome to this week’s episode of the TNBT, where we will bring you the latest news and technical updates.

TNBTDelivery summary

October is a busy month in the world of technology. Usually we see a lot of activity in September with the introduction of new iPhones and accessories. But this time, the launch of the iPhone by COVID-19 has been postponed until mid-October and Apple has just started delivering the latest devices.

They also announced a new standard for iPhone accessories called MegSafe, which means there are many new accessories on the market. We will talk about all this together with other news in this episode.

iPhone 12 and accessories MegSafe

This week Apple started shipping new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. The first returns on the machine are positive and sales are comparable to those of hot rolls. Current estimates of delivery times on Apple’s website have already been reduced to 2-3 weeks if you order today.

Although currently only two of the four models are for sale. The iPhone Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are for sale from the 6th generation. November and are available from the 13th. November and beyond.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple has also launched a new line of accessories with a new standard called MegSafe. Now MegSafe is something we used to use on older Macs before Apple switched to USB-C. The good news about Mac MegSafe chargers is the ease of plugging them into the charging pins. Just bring it closer and it’ll break!

Today, Apple wants to create a similar experience for iPhone users with its new line of accessories. You can easily attach various accessories such as the charger and wallet for use with your iPhone. You no longer have to fight over whether the wireless charger is properly oriented.

MegSafe Accessories

Apple has introduced cases that support MegSafe accessories, which means you can charge your chargers without removing the case. We can now see how third-party companies that support the MegSafe standard are coming to market.

OtterBox has announced MegSafe enclosures for the entire product line, including the Symmetry, Aneu and Figura series. You can order these cases in advance on the OtterBox website.

Belkin also announced some new accessories for iPhone 12, including a new 3-in-1 MegSafe charger that plugs into your iPhone and charges with Apple Watch and AirPods.

Choose MegSafe accessories for the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

Reverse Charge iPhone 12

One of the expected features for the iPhone 12 was the relocation process, but Apple decided not to announce the launch of the iPhone 12. Originally everything was, even though the iPhone 12 couldn’t be recharged, but with the new FTC current the opposite happens.

According to the iPhone 12 FTC current, it seems that the iPhone 12 is capable of reverse charging, only Apple has decided not to allow this feature. One of the reasons could be the lack of accessories they want to support for the iPhone. You can activate them when you announce the next generation of AirPods that can benefit from reverse pricing.

We hope to see more and more accessories that can use this feature in the future.

iPad Air 4. Generation

This week Apple started delivering not only the iPhone, but also the 4th generation iPad Air. The people who placed the pre-order started receiving the device, including me. So far I have used the MacBook and iPhone for most of my work and have thought about adding the iPad to my inventory, but I could never justify using the iPad Pro.

Make no mistake, the iPad Pro is a very powerful device, but it may not be suitable for everyone. In my case, I don’t intend to click on many photos on my iPad, so an advanced camera is one of the least visible features on my list.

The same goes for the Face ID, which I use on my iPhone and which works very well, but the Touch ID is also useful. It also makes it easy to unlock the device while providing sufficient safety.

The only drawback of the traditional iPad Air was its outdated design. iPad Air 4. Generation solves this problem. It offers a modern design at a more affordable price. It is also equipped with a new processor that makes it possible to live a good life together.

I got my new iPad Air two days ago and this episode was made on a new device? Hooray, congratulations !!!!

New iPad Air 2020 cases and accessories are available from Apple and other manufacturers. Some accessories, including the 11-inch sleeves for the iPad Pro, also work fine on the iPad Air.

It also has a USB-C port, so you can connect a variety of accessories to your iPad Air. I’m using my condenser microphone to record this episode of the podcast on iPad Air. You can also connect external monitors or hard drives to your new iPad.

All these changes make the iPad Air a car for casual users.

Apple OneSubscription Plan

Apple One will be available by subscription today, but Fitness+ will not be available until later this fall. You can still subscribe to the service via the Apple website. The price starts at $14.95 for individuals and $19.95 for families of six.

In areas where the Apple News+ and Fitness+ plans are not available, the maximum price is $19.95, otherwise you can subscribe to a $29.95 plan that includes all 6 services. Apple has promised to reduce prices based on your existing subscriptions if you have already subscribed to any of the services.

Personally, I use Apple Music and Apple TV+ with an active subscription as low as $15. This means that with this package I can get additional Apple Arcade service and iCloud storage almost for free. But I need to see how Apple deals with the free subscriptions that iPad Air and this package offer.

When I buy an iPad Air, I get one year of free Apple TV+ service. Because I was already a paying subscriber and had an annual plan, Apple automatically extended the plan by one year, so I don’t have to pay for the next year’s subscription. Let’s see how this works with Apple One subscriptions.

T-MobileContinuous Television Service

T-Mobile enters a busy space for video streaming services. They have launched a new service called TVision, which will offer live television broadcasts. The package starts at $10 a month for TVision Vibe, which offers about 30 live channels, including drama, comedy and lifestyle.

If you are a sports fan, you can subscribe to TVision Live, which also includes sports channels. This will cost you up to $40, depending on the number of channels you want to subscribe to. You can also upgrade your premium channel subscription for a small monthly fee.

Although they claim to charge half of the monthly fee for a regular connection, we have to see that this service is accepted. The market is already saturated with most content providers offering their own streaming services.

Although these services may be attractive initially because they offer a price channel for connoisseurs, the model may not be sustainable. We’ve all seen how Google has raised the price of a YouTube TV subscription because it’s becoming unrealistic to keep working on these costs.

Links New Bicycle Wifi 6 Mobile Router

Linksys has launched the new Velop AX4200 WiFi 6 Mesh Router, which is now for sale. The WiFi Router 6 can support up to 120 devices with 3 nodes supporting the network.

The router is easy to install thanks to the free mobile application of Linksys. Once configured, you can control the routers at home with Alexa voice commands. The simplicity and support of WiFi 6 makes it a good networking solution for large homes.

It should be noted that WiFi 6 offers a speed four times higher than WiFi 5. Although the speed of the Internet is always limited depending on the line of your provider and it is extremely rare that there is more speed than WiFi 5 offers. But the bandwidth of the internal network is reduced with this device.

Sony Cameras as a webcam on Mac

In another Sony article, they presented a new image management software for MacOS that allows them to use their cameras as web cameras. This is good news for those who want to use social networking sites because they can now use their mirrorless camera as a webcam.

For a while this software was available for Windows, but now Mac users can enjoy it too. So there’s no need to buy a high-quality webcam for video calls on your Mac, just use your existing Sony camera and get a clear view of the calls.

Facebook Gaming Service

Facebook is also part of the games streaming area with a new streaming service that will be available on the web and on the application. Due to Apple’s limitations, it will not work on iOS or Apple devices.

The service will be integrated in an existing Facebook application, not in a separate application. Console quality games are offered as part of the service and progress is synchronized across platforms. Although Apple devices are excluded from this synchronization due to limitations.

Initially, they will offer a number of mobile games on the platform, including Asphalt 9, PGA Tour Golf Shootout, WWE Supercard and many more. The service is in BETA and will slowly develop for console games. But if you can try the service for free and play some games in the cloud.

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