MSI IMMERSE GH61 Hands On Review: Onkyo Drivers on a Gaming Headphones?


  • The best comfortable playing helmet we’ve ever used.
  • Onkyo’s drivers are a risky choice, but he’s done well.
  • Available with USB or 3.5 mm connector.
  • ESS Sabre USB dongle with integrated controller
  • Good sound quality


  • I’m still not a fan of Nahimich’s sound.

Gaming headsets are mainly used for entertainment rather than professional creativity. We have seen some interesting collaborations, such as HyperX with AUDEZE, etc. MSI, on the other hand, works with an audio company that makes some of the best devices on the market for production, Onkyo and these drivers are integrated into game headphones. Is the MSI Immerse GH61 good? Well, it’s time to find out.

Appearance and comfort

The Immersion is based on your personal taste – it comes with protein leather (a nice name for artificial leather), which is good for long lasting use, and a fabric earpiece, which is soft and breathable. You can switch from one earphone to another and because they are in-ear earphones, they fit perfectly in your ears without hurting or being uncomfortable. The headband of these headphones is really thick and it is adjustable, so it should be comfortable and fit everyone. The padding on the top of the tyre is important to me because many manufacturers tend to be cheap and make things uncomfortable, but that is not the case here, because the GH61 has a nice protein leather texture that doesn’t sink into your head even after prolonged use.

It is important that the earphones form a good seal to prevent sound leakage and that the overall design is well made so that the sound leakage is not too large and only too small. That way, someone else can come into your room while you’re playing, and they can watch and listen to their favourite show on the big screen without having to worry about anything. The MSI Immerse is definitely one of the most comfortable gaming helmets I have ever used. Know more about clix fortnite game settings.

Properties and specifications

Like any other gaming device, the IMMERSE GH61 has a number of features:

  • The user can connect directly via the 3.5 mm jack or use the supplied DAC and controller via a USB connection.
  • It is equipped with a high quality retractable microphone to help you record your voice better during gaming sessions.
  • The ESS Sabre DAC is integrated into the USB controller and also supports Nahimic for 3D surround sound.

Sound quality

These headphones are equipped with Onkyo’s 40mm neodymium drivers. Surprisingly, the speaker has no colour – the bass is not intense, but rather on the flatter sides. Bass and midrange are well controlled, the treble may be a bit too high, but the sound is good at low volume. The clarity of the dynamics is phenomenal and the DAC provides an exceptional sound improvement, which the average consumer will not notice. The headphones offer good production and bring out subtle sounds, especially when trying out certain songs on headphones.

It supports Hi-Res Virtual 7.1, a virtual backbone connected via software that also controls Nahimic for Headset. Surprisingly, it works better than I expected. Good experience of space audio in games at its complex, such as. B. Section 2 and Ghostpoint. But again, it’s not as authentic as 7.1 surround sound, and as in the past, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Nahimic’s approach to the practical design of surround sound, and it’s a real success. The challenger – HyperX with Audezia – offers a better space experience and a much better 7.1 channel virtual environment thanks to flat magnetic drivers and Waves Nx sound science.


The MSI Immerse GH61 tries to imitate a better sound with Onkyo on the speakers, Sabre on the DAC and Nahimic on the software improvements. Personally, I still don’t like the Nahimic software’s approach to audio, because the overall audio setup experience still feels raw to me and makes the DAC experience a little too sour. So forget the Nahimic software and use the GH61 with or without the ESS Sabre DAC and you have a fantastic and creative gaming headset with the maximum comfort you can expect from a gaming headset.

It doesn’t shine at all, which certainly makes it a cool earpiece to have on your desk.

Many thanks to MSI Malaysia for providing this review sample and carrying out this study.

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