Tips And Tricks To Use Mi Wifi Router

Mi is a popular brand for mobile devices, but it has also penetrated the Wi-Fi router market and produces them on a large scale. Mi Wi-Fi routers are durable and have a stylish design that you can place in any corner of your home or office, because they fit perfectly into the environment.

There are hundreds of Xiaomi routers, as the company has expanded its product range and launched new routers that support Wi-Fi 6. Xiaomi has also begun using its latest technology, called multi-device orthogonal frequency distribution technology, to reduce network latency.

Whether you want to buy a single-band, dual-band, 4G or 5G Wi-Fi router, Xiaomi offers all kinds of routers that you can buy directly online or offline. Here we discuss tips and tricks for using these Wi-Fi routers.

If you’re trying to reset your Wi-Fi router, don’t worry, the process is simple and takes less than a minute. All you have to do is find the reset button and press and hold it for 5 to 8 seconds, after which the indicator light will turn yellow. Now press the button and it will turn blue, which means it has been successfully reset.

If you still can’t reboot the router, you can make it flash by downloading a stable version of the ROM to your laptop or computer.

Once the download is complete, you will need to go to the router settings, then select the manual upgrade option and choose the downloaded ROM to install it.

Does your MiRouter make noise?

If your Mirouter is noisy, you don’t have to worry, as this problem can also be solved at home without having to take the device to a service centre.

Download the ROM and copy it to the root USB driver called miwifi.bin, then click on the latest stable or developer version.

After performing the above steps, connect the USB storage device to the router and turn off the power.

After switching off the device, you must hold the reset and switch it back on again.

You will have to wait 5 to 8 minutes as the system will automatically reset the boot state to indicate that the recovery was successful.

Once you have purchased the Mio router and installed it for the first time, it is very easy, because all you have to do is turn on the device and connect the Ethernet cable. Connect the router’s WAN interface on one side and connect the Internet on the other side. You can then connect the Mi-router to your smartphone or laptop/PC, search for a Wi-Fi network and connect.

You can also initialise the MiRouter in your browser by typing directly, allowing the system to automatically detect the dial-up connection. Now all you have to do is enter your account name and password.

If you find that your Internet speed is not sufficient, simply turn off the Smart Speed Limiter and reduce the number of connected devices, as you can usually find that a device that uses a heavy application gets a higher Internet speed than other connected devices. You must therefore ensure that multiple devices are connected to the Mi-Router.

However, not many devices are connected and they don’t even use extensive applications. You can then perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the reset button for a few seconds. You can also delete the bandwidth settings.

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If you have connected the MiRouter but still do not have access to the Internet, you can check the network cable, which may not be properly connected, and make sure that you have used the correct user name and password provided by the operator. However, you can check the connection problem by downloading the Mi-Application and trying to access any web page to see if it works or not. If this still doesn’t work, you will get some of the errors below.

Error 691 : The password is incorrect

The solution to this problem is to check that you have entered the username and password correctly. If this is the case, you must reconfirm it with the network operator and obtain a new password.

Error 678: Your network operator has prohibited you from registering, even after multiple attempts.

The solution to this problem is to disconnect the network cable and wait a few seconds, then turn off the router and try again.

If you want to update the firmware go to and check if they have the latest firmware versions available for download. This can also be done via the Mi-WiFi application.

What can I do if the signals on my network are unstable or if the speed of my internet is slow?

If the signal is weak or the network is disturbed, first check the location of the router. If there are too many walls or it’s at a low angle or if there are too many electronics around, try placing it at a higher location and make sure there are less electronics around, especially microwaves and cordless phones, because these devices also work on the same frequencies, which can be a problem.

It is therefore best to place the router at a height that minimizes interference from other electronic devices affecting the signal strength.

You can also manually change the channel settings, update the firmware, use the Wi-Fi Boost function of the Mi-Application, update the network card driver of your laptop or computer.

If you can use the Internet on your smartphone, but not on your computer or laptop, you need to perform an LSP recovery, perform a network scan and take the appropriate action.

If you are using a dial-up connection, you can easily turn the router on and off and see if it is limited to certain devices or not.

The Mi-application also shows you the connected devices. This allows you to determine whether an unknown user is using the bandwidth and easily disable it remotely via the application, and change the password to prevent them from accessing your network in the future.

Do you know what the LEDs on the Mi-Router indicate?

Blue light (non-flashing) : The system is running normally and the boot process was successful.

Blue light (flashing) : A system update is available.

The yellow light does not blink: This means you need to boot up, boot the system and reset the router.

The yellow light is blinking: Either the hard disk is formatted or the disk is restored.

The red light does not blink: There is a system error that caused a boot error.

The red light is blinking: This means that the system is in recovery mode.

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