What to do when Avast won’t open on Windows 10?

Avast is a free, widely-used antivirus program known to Windows users to help them protect their devices from malware and malware on a daily basis. Lately, however, Windows Defender is much better than before, and many users, including myself, have just switched to Windows Defender, but today we’re talking about Avast.

Some users complain that Avast does not open on their Windows devices, and that deliberate attempts to open it did not cause Avast to crash or open at all. After many attempts by users to solve the problem, it seems that Avast doesn’t work at all.

What are the reasons Avast doesn’t open in Windows 10?

There are many different reasons not to open Avast, but the reasons are usually different on each device. There may be behavioral problems or conflicts with other applications that may prevent Avast from opening or running.

The two main reasons why important Avast program files are usually not opened are when important Avast program files are corrupted during an update or other action, or when the Avast service does not start automatically, or when another service or program prevents the Avast service from starting automatically.

How can I solve a situation in which Avast does not open?

Before we begin fixing Avast, make sure you are on the latest version of Avast antivirus if you don’t update it first, and only continue with the following solutions if the update hasn’t fixed your problems. As mentioned before, if the Avast installation files are damaged or if the Avast antivirus service does not start, Avast will behave improperly without working or opening.

Here are some solutions you can try, which Avast can easily fix, and you can finally use it in normal mode –

1. Avastinstallation repair

  • Open the control panel from the Start menu by simply scrolling through the control panel in the search area.

  • If you cannot find the Programs and Features option, change the Show by option option to Large icons and you will notice the option.

  • In the list of programs, search for Avast Antivirus and then click the Remove or Restore option.

  • When the Avast uninstaller is opened, you will see that you have three options.
  • Click on the option Restore under three options.

  • Then confirm your action and Avast will automatically recover.

  • Once it’s successfully repaired, press Done.

  • Avast will then ask you to restart your computer to complete the installation, reboot it and make sure it opens normally.

2. Resumption of transfer

  • Open Run by pressing both Windows+R keys at the same time.
  • Then enter services.msc in the text box.

  • You can now find the Avast antivirus service in the list of services. Right click on the properties.

  • Set the commissioning type in the properties to Automatic.
  • Once the status of the service has stopped, start the service by clicking the Start button.

  • Reboot the computer and then restart Avast. However, if you encounter an error after clicking the start button, simply run a clean antivirus installation.

3. Some other solutions

If none of the above solutions seem to solve the problem for you, try the following

  • Perform a clean installation by first uninstalling the antivirus completely with this small Avast application and then downloading and installing the latest version of the antivirus by following the on-screen instructions. After a clean installation, Avast should function normally.
  • Update all system drivers with Driver Booster or similar programs to help you update the device drivers. Sometimes outdated drivers can cause problems and conflicts with other applications.


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What should I do if Avast doesn’t open in Windows 10?


Can’t open Avast Anti-Virus on Windows 10? Can’t open Avast after updating Windows 10? Find out how to solve the problem here.


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