2 Best Ways To Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

Discover simple yet effective solutions for recovering deleted data such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, WhatsApp chats, notes, voice memos and more using Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus!

Revision : Did you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus? You use it just like a normal smartphone and store a lot of data such as clicked photos, recorded videos, saved contacts, text, etc. But suddenly there is a loss or deletion of data on your 10/10+ galaxy note. If that’s the case, don’t panic. In this article we offer simple and effective data recovery solutions from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+. Just go through it.

Expert advice : If you backup your Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus data, you can restore the data from the backup, but in case you do not have the backup, then the best and fastest solution to restore deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus is to use Android data recovery software.

Main features of the Android data recovery tool :

  • Instantly restore deleted, lost, missing, deleted data from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ without backup.
  • Retrieve files such as photos, videos, audio files, SMS, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, notes, voice / call recordings, calendar, documents, and more.
  • Extract the data from the phone’s internal memory, an external SD card and a defective Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus.
  • View the files to be restored on the preview screen of the software.
  • Supports all models in the Galaxy Note series, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+/Note 10 5G/Note 10+ 5G/9/8/7/6/6 Edge/5/4/3/2 and is compatible with the latest Android operating systems.
  • 100% read-only program. Safe, reliable and easy to use.

Download/purchase a free trial version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ data recovery tool

Honestly, every day we generate a lot of data on our Android smartphone, whether it’s clicking on photos, recording videos, downloading games, movies, music and other things. Nowadays, photos have become much larger, applications have become much larger, and so have our work data. So it has become much more difficult to store them safely over the phone these days.

Every day we consume and generate a lot of data on our Android smartphone by downloading games, movies, music and more, or creating videos, photos and more. Today’s photos are much larger, the applications are much more voluminous and all our performance data is getting bigger and bigger. So it’s become much harder to protect them when they’re on the phone.

To meet these challenges, every day new smartphones are launched with huge amounts of memory and storage capacity, so you can keep all your data in one place.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were recently unveiled, which is indeed a flagship with the subtitle of introducing the next level of performance. With the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, we’ve created a mobile device that looks like a computer, game console, movie camera and smart pen – all in one device.

All details about these smartphones can be found here: Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ – Galaxy Samsung Official Website

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But as with any smartphone, the loss or deletion of data occurs with the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+. There may be several reasons for the loss of data. Some of them are listed below.

Reasons: How to delete or lose data on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+.

  • Accidental or erroneous deletion : It is possible that we accidentally press the delete key while viewing the data on the phone.
  • The phone is out of order: You may have accidentally dropped your Note from a certain altitude out of the galaxy and broken it, thus losing access to your stored data.
  • Performing a factory reset : Occasionally, when the unit does not work properly, for example when the unit is jammed, jammed or slow, the user performs a factory reset. I would like to point out that the factory reset will erase all data from the device.
  • Updating the system : When you update the Android operating system or your Galaxy Note system, you may lose data if something goes wrong or if the update is not received in full.
  • Roots of the device : Normally, the rooting of your Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus does not remove anything from your device, but if the rooting methods are not used properly, your device may be damaged or broken, which may result in the loss of your data.
  • A virus or malware attack: How can you know everything about viruses and malware? If it gets into the phone, it may damage all the data, preventing you from accessing it.
  • Other reasons : Water damage, flashing ROM, cracked/broken screen, black screen, formatted external SD card, locked camera, system error, etc.

Okay, now the question is: is it possible to recover the lost data from Note 10 or Note 10 Plus?

Let’s take a look at the answer below!

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Can I restore files deleted from my Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+?

As you can see, there are several reasons why data can be lost. This can in any case lead to major losses for users, which is very frustrating. Fortunately, the technology makes everything possible!

Reply: Yes, you can recover lost or deleted data from your Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. The reality is that when you delete files on a device, the space containing the files is marked as empty, and this empty space can be used to store other data. Simply put: The files are no longer accessible, but they are also not completely deleted.

Deleted files remain in memory until they are overwritten by new files. It is therefore recommended not to use galaxy 10 or 10+ after deleting data and not to add new data. Then you can fully restore deleted files from Note10 or Note10 Plus using the third party data recovery program for Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 +.

So now the question is how to recover the data deleted from Note 10 or Note 10 More Galaxy?

Keep reading the post to find out more about Samsung Galaxy data recovery solutions Note 10/10 Plus!

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Solution 1: Restore deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ without backup

In cases where you do not have a Note 10/Note 10 Plus backup, it is highly recommended that you try Android Data Recovery, a professional and powerful software from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ that helps you recover deleted, missed, deleted, lost data from Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus without backup.

This Galaxy Note 10 retrieves files such as photos, videos, audio, contacts, call history, text messages, WhatsApp chat history, conversations/voice recordings, notes, voice memos, documents, and more from Note 10/10 More.

The best thing about this Android data recovery tool is that it is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

This Galaxy Note 10 Plus data recovery software also restores data from broken, water-damaged, locked, virus infected, cracked/broken screen, flashed ROM, factory recovery, rooted/broken Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus smartphones.

To recover deleted or lost data from your Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus, please follow the links below:

Solution 2: Recovery deleted/lost data from Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+

If you have backed up your data from Galaxy Note 10/10 plus, you are very lucky because you can easily restore your data from the backup.

Below you will find links that can help you restore your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ data from their respective backups:

Bonus: Galaxy backup note 10/10 Plus data in case of future data loss

If you really want to deal with unexpected Note10/Note10+ data loss situations in the future, start backing up your Note 10/10+ data regularly.

Let me tell you that there are different ways to back up your device’s data. You can use the phone’s built-in backup features, Samsung’s Smart Switch, Samsung Cloud, Google Photos application, Google Drive, DropBox – to name but a few.

But I would like to recommend a professional third party software known as Android Data Backup & Restore which is suitable for making backups and restoring Galaxy Note 10/10+. This utility will help you back up the 10/10 Plus rating to your computer and later you can restore your data to any Android phone or tablet.

Here are all the steps to back up the Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10 Plus with Android Data Backup & Restore.


So it was Samsung Galaxy Note10/Note10+ data recovery solutions. They say that if you have a backup, you can easily restore data from the backup.

But if you do not have a backup, it is highly recommended that you choose Android data recovery software because it will help you recover deleted data directly from Galaxy Note10/Note10+ without a backup.

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