20 Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

Several experts have tried to understand the impact of video games on the development of children’s events. There are many different types of games designed for custom purposes: some can be exciting and spinning, others can be tested and can be useful for learning and mental health. However, not all games are good for children and their consequences can be harmful. In this article we talked about the positive and negative effects of video games. Video games have changed our lives in many ways.

Video games are rejected by guards, who see them as useless time, and, even worse, some educational experts believe that they degenerate the brain. The practice of malicious video games responds to the accusations of the media and various specialists, because this is why some young people wanted to become or obey the disgraceful enemy of social behavior. In any case, many studies show that video games have many advantages, such as the interest of children. Video games can really give children a higher level of logical thinking that they will need in the future. By playing video games you change the physical structure of your mind, just as you can learn to play the piano or explore with a guide. Just as movement can bring muscles together, an innovative combination of concentration and a flow of income-generating synapses such as dopamine neural circuits can weave the mind. Here you will find a complete guide to video game effects for children. Here is a list of the positive and negative effects of video games.

Many agree that today more than ever it is necessary to control the use of video games among young people in order to prevent addiction and limit the possibility of violent acts at school. This last concern stems from the conviction of many that video games are associated with increased aggression in children. Some claim that video games can be seen by children and teenagers as sham murders and that over time they make children less enthusiastic about acts of madness. Video games have many pros and cons – we have compiled a very short list of the positive and negative effects of video games.

Working together as a team

Nowadays most games are played online and often involve multiple
players from all over the country or world, encouraging young people to play with other
players. This way your baby can develop the skills
needs to work in a group and take care of business.

Improved decision making and production capacity

Games are continuous, and most games are
continuous and require the player to make quick decisions in a short period of time. This
issue helps to break the solutions – productive skills that are important in the
reality in areas such as sport or medicine where the solutions in part 2
often need to be provided in a tense situation.

Maintaining accuracy for rapid decisions

Video games allow your child to maintain an acceptable level of accuracy of
by figuring out how to quickly calculate all the necessary limits.
It’s an incredibly rewarding skill, so even paratroopers and professionals are encouraged to play video games to hone their decision-making and production skills.

Improved cognitive function

Once a certain capacity has been restored in several
cases, the brain begins to build up structure and produce new
nerve pathways and transmitters to improve its functioning. By the time a serious
concentration is applied, the mind itself should be able to process
faster, which may help to unravel problems, taking into account all things

Critical thinking and accounting

When a young man likes to play games like Mario, Where’s My Water and Angry Birds, he prepares his brain to come up with innovative approaches to solve puzzles and various problems in a short period of time.

Eye-hand motor coordination

In shooting games, the character can walk and shoot at the same time. To do this, the real-world player must keep an eye on the position of the character, where he is going, his speed, where the gun is pointed when the shot hits the enemy, and so on. Each of these variables must be taken into account, the player must facilitate the interpretation of the mind and reaction with the development in the hands and fingertips.

For this procedure to be effective, a considerable degree of eye coordination and visual and spatial skills are required. The exam also assumes that people can acquire iconic spatial and visual skills through video games. Surveys have even been carried out among adults showing that participation in video games is recognised with higher skills. In addition, experts note why military fighter pilots are better, it is because this generation of pilots are trained using video games.

Planning – positive and negative effects of video games

The player discovers how to control the goods limited to
and how to choose the best use of the goods, in the same way as all
items are taken into account. This experience has been refined in gameplay techniques such as
SimCity, Age of Empires and Railroad Tycoon. In particular, the American Planning Association
, the urban planners scholarship association, and Maxis, the designer of the game
, have ensured that SimCity inspires many of its
players to become urban planners and engineers.

Completion of multiple tasks

In technological games, for example, in the construction of the city, the enemy can develop an unexpected shock. This makes the
player adaptable and makes it possible to quickly change strategy.

Fast reflection

From time to time the player does this almost every second of a
game, giving the brain a real workout. According to experts from the University of Rochester
, led by intellectual researcher Daphne Bavelier,
games, which contain unpleasant moments as they occur in a fight, or
action games, can be a way to prepare for situations in real life. Study
suggests that playing action video games prepares you for making quick decisions
. Video games can be used to train paratroopers and surgeons,
, as indicated in the study. It should be noted that the
video game players’ decisions in the action genre are no less accurate.

Reading and development of mathematics

The young player follows the instructions exactly, follows the course of the games and receives information from the game recordings. Similarly, the use of mathematical skills is necessary to dominate many games that involve quantitative studies, such as welfare monitoring.

Medical problems

A lot of energy is invested in video games because, instead of being physically active,
can in many ways be uncomfortable for the well-being of a
child. The intellectual development of a child can influence an event in
that does not manifest itself and is not related to reality. By constantly sitting in the same place and playing video games,
can increase the chance of gravity,
weakens muscles and joints, causes numbness in the hands and fingers due to
fatigue, and several studies suggest that it may even weaken the visual perception of

Scientific Edition

It’s great that video games offer a clear difference between
and a normal school day. This can lead to children being more inclined to play
video games than anything else that encourages them not to concentrate on work at school.
In fact, they can also skip schoolwork or reading for tests outside school and choose
for playing video games. As a result, their
emotional knowledge may be insufficient and influence them.

Display of incorrect values

Many video games on the market contain unnecessary
depravity, excessive sexuality, curses, prejudices and many other
things that children cannot see in the right light. You can ignore
these images with a salt spot, and in the end try to simulate
behaviour as in the games. Their conception of the mind as
always creates, and they will not be able to separate good from evil until
is revealed in reality.

Social aspects

Despite the fact that there are multiplayer games, most
children finish them without being seen in their room. In fact, this severely limits their
interpersonal skills, and they may prefer to be
without anyone else and work carefully together. These children, who are careless, start conversations and feel exhausted and strange when they communicate. And
, so the chances of change of problem, depression, anxiety, stress will be high
in their fill as in personal life.

Aggressive behaviour

The bitterness of video games and the fun they offer in
can make children in
impatient and strong in their behaviour. When things do not go as planned or are restricted in any way, they can become frustrated or obsessively compulsive, which can manifest itself in problematic behavior.

Sensor system

While the young man is playing video games, the super-stimulating messages from
are sent to the touch system, while the
screen shows great nuances and rapid development. This improves the
combat or flight response of the body and creates a hyperural state. When a child does not play video games, the mind is confronted with remarkable hardships that can be encouraging. The problem is that it can cause seizures, spasms and headaches in children9.

Mentally handicapped

A suitable dopamine connection is released when a child plays
video games. The more the child enjoys the game, the more dopamine is released. So the
is necessary to continue playing. A study by the University of Iowa showed that one in ten players surveyed could be described as a neurotic gambler using obsessive gambling standards (everyone uses the word addiction). Sun et al. used MRI and discovered that when gamblers play, their brains are relieved in the same way as drug addicts.

Holiday disturbances

False blue light is emitted by the electronic screens. This type of light can cause the mind to suffocate the hormone melatonin that your body needs to rest. A study by Harvard University showed that an injection of
in a blue light strangled melatonin twice as long as green, with
moving circadian rhythms twice as long (3 hours versus 1.5 hours).
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine review found players who played
7 hours or more, both poorer and less holidaying than non-players.

Mood changes

Lack of rest in combination with an overly stimulating touch screen can lead to tangibility, mood swings and aggression. Dr.
Dunkley was inspired by the negative effects of the use of electronics when she worked at the age of
with children who chose to have mental health problems. At that moment, his son was asked by his partner. He was discovered in
by several therapists and was first identified as suffering from ADHD, at that time with a mental imbalance in
and eventually with bipolar disorder. Dr. Dunkley suggested
eliminate all electronics for three weeks. After E-Fast, the boy’s practice has improved considerably and he is excommunicated from all drugs.
This model shows how the SSE can copy thinking problems such as those of the bipolar economy.

Feeling of powerlessness

Video game playback has been associated with time distortion at
gamers. Rau et al. found that gamblers have problems measuring how much time
was actually spent in the game and that an external
intervention was often needed to finish the game. A powerless sense of time also causes
leaders to have time problems that can make a youth too late.

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