7 Must-Have Accessories for Hardcore Gamers

Games are a good hobby to kill time, and for others – a way of life. Hardcore players know how important their sessions are. It’s not just about the game, it’s about maximizing your score, beating your competitors and even earning a little money.

These players take their playing time seriously, which means they need better equipment to make a long session or an intense match even better. Fortunately, the accessories have become more affordable for players, and here are 7 accessories that are a must for any player who takes this hobby seriously.

1. Playground chair

Comfort is a must for a long session. Whether you play on your console or on your computer, the type of chair you use is important. Ergonomic play chairs help support the lower back and lumbar region by cushioning and adjusting the seat for an optimal posture. The longer you play, the more tired your body becomes. That’s why you need to find a chair that helps you play for a long time at the same time.

2. Mouse pad for the user

The configuration of your game is not always a matter of comfort or performance. You want your presentation to be aesthetically pleasing. That’s why the people at your Playmat will show you how cool your installation can be with a custom mouse pad. These buffers can be of any shape and size, with special graphics to match the look of your gaming station. It’s a small addition to your gaming needs, but one that adds a personal touch.

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3. Game mouse

What is the purpose of a custom mouse pad without the right mouse? Players know how important these accessories are to performance. Finding the right gaming mouse is a matter of ergonomics, wired and wireless connectivity, button and shortcut functionality and cost. Some gambling mice can be expensive, but for the right price there are many options to improve your game performance.

4. Mini fridge

Adding a mini fridge to your play area improves the ability to continue your game sessions over time. This helps you in unexpected ways, but with snacks and drinks at hand, you can spend more time on the couch, chair or desk without having to take a short break to go to the kitchen.

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5. Dual monitor

Adding a second monitor is a great way to improve the performance of your gaming station. Computer gamers generally like double monitors, but console gamers can also enjoy them.

The ability to multi-task or enjoy the game on two screens makes optimal use of the graphics card, giving you two screens with a resolution of 1080p or 4K.

Not to mention the fact that dual monitors allow you to share tasks when you’re playing and working at the same time.

6. High resolution webcam and microphone

The installation of a microphone and webcam is a growing trend among hardcore players, because many people realize how much money is in streaming mode.

Sending out your game sessions can attract a lot of people watching you, which can lead to donations or even permission if you are good enough.

A high quality webcam should have at least 1080p with recording quality and between 50 and 60 frames per second, and the microphone should be between 80 and 15 kHz for the frequency response. These are good props if you want to make your games known to the public.

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7. Wireless Headphones

In addition to the microphone, you also want to be able to hear what people are saying and react to it. This is especially true for shooting and strategy games where you have to work with your team – or bully enemies. With a good wireless headset you can fully immerse yourself in the game and communicate with people.

Where the enemies go, what are the tasks you need to focus on, what do you do, anything that can help your team to win. Headphones are also available in wired versions that may have a better response time.

Wireless headsets give you more freedom to get up and walk when you need to stretch your legs during a game or when the action is so intense that you can’t stay put.

Being an avid gamer means more than just enjoying video games, it is an inexhaustible passion for the lifestyle of video games. Hardcore gamers are always looking for new ways to improve their performance and customize them to get the most out of their game, that’s why they need the best accessories.

This list contains 7 important additions to improve the gaming experience for even the most demanding players.

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