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At work or at home, data is often accidentally disclosed or deleted. You never know when you’ll need a remote file, whether it’s photos, videos, audio or email.

That’s what Wondershare Recoverit comes for – this handy tool helps you recover inappropriate and formatted files. It recovers all data from your PC, Mac, hard drive, SD card, USB stick and other portable media.

I’ve never been a fan of recovery software, but I’ve been growing slowly in recent months. Besides my computer, I have a lot of portable media, which makes me more vulnerable to data loss. Whether it was my wife who was formatting my USB stick to transfer files, or a friend who borrowed my external hard drive and gave it back a bit easier, this software proved to be useful.

Wondershare Recoverit has a free trial version that allows you to recover files up to 100 MB. And although this is limited, it allows you to test important software factors, such as the user interface. And if you want, you can upgrade to a premium version at any time and without restrictions.

It also has a reactive surface with an incomparable sense of modernity based on minimalism. All external drivers and disk parties are properly displayed on the main page, so that the recovery process can be started easily.

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Wondershare SummaryData Recovery Report

Wondershare Recoverit is designed to recover formatted or unsuitable files. It recovers files from your PC, Mac, hard drive, USB stick, SD card and other storage devices.

As with other recovery programs, the time required to recover files depends on the specific driver you are scanning. In my last PC scan, for example, it took 56 minutes to find more than 3,500 37.34 GB of files. On the same day, it took me about 18 minutes to scan my 16GB USB stick and restore 3.43GB.

As you can see, the program takes a long time to restore files, but I love it because it restores lost files, especially those you haven’t backed up. This is very important to me because I regularly delete files that I find useless, to understand that I need them for another project.

Before I started Wondershare Recoverit, I usually had to start from scratch. It was not only frustrating, but also time-consuming.  So far, I’ve only sacrificed a few minutes of CT and I can move on comfortably. I’m not dry for analysis yet, but I always make regular backups, especially of large files, to prevent a disaster.


  • File recovery from different loss scenarios
  • A responsive user interface
  • The product supports more than 1000 formats
  • More than 5 million users involved in data recovery can confirm its reliability.
  • Available for Windows and Mac users
  • Wondershare’s support is excellent, helpful and responsive.


  • The free version has a repair limit of 100MB. So you need to do an update if you want to restore large files.

What is a miraculous return?

Wondershare Recoverit is a simple and effective data recovery program available for both PC and Mac computers. If it is accidentally formatted or misplaced, the program recovers files from your PC, Mac, USB stick, SD card, mobile phone and digital camera. It has an easy to use interface and recovery is done in just 3 steps. In addition, the software supports more than 1000 file formats and data types.

Should miracles be restored?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone needs a data recovery tool, and Wondershare Recoverit is ideal. It supports different file types and is available for both PC and Mac computers. In addition to the computer, the program recovers data from USB drives, external hard drives, smartphones and cameras. So if you want to easily extract data from one of these programs, this program is an excellent option.

Free Wondershare?Repair

Like most other computer programs, Wondershare Recoverit is available in two different versions – free and paid. With the free version you can learn how to navigate through a well-designed program and recover up to 100 MB of data. And while it’s decent to work with photos and short audio clips, if you want to retrieve large videos, you need to upgrade to a premium version.

The Premium version removes size limitations so that you can restore as much as possible. The price of the software is slightly different for PC and Mac computers, but both have a unique flexibility that allows you to choose a plan that meets your needs.

The paid version of Wondershare Recoverit has two pricing plans: Pro and Ultimate. The main difference is the system troubleshooting tool, which is only available in the system. Except for one small difference, the Pro version knows no limits.

How much does it cost to rebuild Wondershare?

There are three payment plans for individuals, depending on the number of computers and the lifetime of the purchase. With only $49.95 for PC users and $75.95 for the Mac edition, the price is relatively affordable.

In addition, you can purchase a software license for a month, a year or a lifetime with a slight price increase. There is also a business plan in which you can choose the number of computers and the life cycle plan you prefer.

Pay attention: Wondershare Recoverit is available with a 30% discount for students and teachers. Log in to Student Beans and take advantage of the discount as soon as your student status is confirmed.

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Is data recovery with Wondershare safe?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. The program restores deleted files safely and easily to save you time and money. Unlike other programs in the price range, the program is easy to use and is not linked to third-party programs. It is scanned with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware before installation. In addition, you download the software from the Wondershare server, which is secure and successfully eliminates any possibility of viral confusion.

What is the quality of the recovery?

In general, Wondershare Recoverit costs every penny. First, it restores many data types and file formats, including NTFS, FAT, HFS+ and APFS. Secondly, it uses high-tech data recovery systems to recover data from media identified by other companies as non-recoverable. Thirdly, it has an exemplary, user-friendly interface and an excellent three-step recovery process. Finally, it has one of the best recovery rates in the sector as it successfully recovers data in different loss scenarios.

How to use Wondershare Recovery

Fortunately, this program is very easy to use. After downloading, make sure you have connected the specific device you want to scan. Open the software and select the desired device from the displayed list of connected devices and then press the Start button. If you want to scan your hard drive, select the same one and start the recovery process. The software divides all devices on the first page into sections that are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Repair options

With Recoverit you can recover data from different loss scenarios. Here are some of the redeemable options:

  • Restore files
  • Waste disposal
  • Recovery department
  • Restoring devices

1. Restoring files

Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best file recovery options for photos, videos, audio files and documents. It has been very successful in the industry and the opportunities continue to grow as you progress to the Pro and Ultimate levels.

It also restores files from various loss scenarios. From accidental deletions, virus attacks and system crashes – to files in just 3 steps.

2. Repair of recycling wagons

For Windows users Recoverit allows you to recover files that you have permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin. The program uses advanced analysis algorithms to restore files without loss of quality. You can also see what the tool has scanned and found in the preview window for the restoration.

3. Repair part

Partition recovery includes the recovery of damaged, deleted, formatted and lost partitions. This powerful tool supports many file formats, including NTFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT and HFSX. Immediate recovery of the entire partition saves a lot of time which could be lost by restoring individual files.

4. Restoring devices

This part of Recoverit is especially important for people working with independent storage facilities. All from external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, digital cameras and smartphones. With the device recovery option, you can recover damaged, lost, or deleted files from this media. I’ve used it many times, and it’s more effective than any other recovery program I’ve used before.

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Backup and recovery tests

To show you how easy it is to use the program, I will perform two separate recovery tests with Recoverit. For an overview of Wondershare data recovery, I will use the most common data loss scenarios to recover files from My Documents and USB drives. Please note that your results may vary depending on your situation – the frequency of file recovery and the specific data loss scenario.

For the tests I used my 16 GB USB stick, which had different file types and data formats. I have transferred the same files to my computer and stored them in My Documents. Everything from images, video and audio to document files. I even had to add some elements to get a good combination of file formats.

Test 1: Restoring files from a USB stick

With a flash drive I started formatting all the files. Then I opened the program and went to the External Devices section. From here I press my flash drive, then I press the start button. Before starting the procedure, you can either search for a specific folder type or use the advanced search option to search for everything. Usually I choose a specific folder because it is much faster, but for today we use All-Around Recovery.

It took about 16 minutes to scan a 16 GB USB stick. The time indicator is not as accurate as I thought, because at the beginning it was 40 minutes and the process took less than half the expected time. As expected, the scan found a lot of files, but the file names were replaced by numbers. There weren’t many files for me, so I decided to fix everything.

A pop-up window allows you to select your favourite eatery. To prevent the files from being overwritten, I have decided to restore them to another drive. It took less than 2 minutes to restore 3.43 GB of files. As mentioned above, recovered files use numbers instead of filenames. However, most of the recovered files are exactly the same as the original files. In my case, I was unable to recover several files and some recovered video files were not played back. Despite the failure, I was happy to recover more than 80% of the files I had deleted before the test.

Test 2: Restoring files from my documents

Just like with the USB stick, I transferred various formats of images, videos and other files to my computer before the test. Again, a quick analysis is usually enough for me, but today we’re dealing with a murder with a thorough analysis. After deleting the files, I opened the recovery program, selected the deep scan option and went to the My Documents section. The program has scanned 37.34 GB and recovered 3604 files.

Because I only wanted to return a few files for the test, I had to search a lot of files. The best thing is that there is a small sample bar that separates what is picked up and what is not. In a small preview, damaged images are gray, which means you cannot resend them.

The program also allows the use of the file or tree structure. To view folders, files are sorted by their specific type. On the other hand, the files are sorted by location in the tree structure. It may not be a big deal, but it makes the recovery process much easier, especially after a deep scan. It took me about 30 minutes to understand and see what I really need and what I don’t need.

The pain in consulting individual files was too great. I used several filter options, including the file size, but the work was still annoying. I recommend to use a quick scan if possible and, if necessary, to go in a circle to recover. There are some files that are already corrupted and others I couldn’t recover. Overall, I was satisfied with the success rate of recycling, even with the laborious sorting process.

Repair alternative

  • Time Machine – Time Machine is an ideal backup application for Mac users, allowing you to restore various files in case they were accidentally deleted. This firmware restores lost files within minutes. However, unlike Wondershare Recoverit, it only restores the files from the backup. It does not have full functionality to scan and restore lost files without first backing them up.
  • Stellar Data Recovery – Stellar Data Recovery software is a powerful toolkit for Windows and Mac users. Like Recoverit, it restores lost, inappropriate, damaged, and deleted files from internal and external storage drivers. It also supports multiple file formats and has an excellent recovery speed.

Overview Wondershare Data Recovery: Last words

And that’s it! Wondershare is incredible data recovery software for Windows and Mac users. An incredibly responsive interface and simple steps on both platforms make him a popular fan. The program supports multiple file formats and successfully recovers data from different loss scenarios. If you have lost, accidentally deleted or damaged a hard drive, you are only 3 steps away from your files.

In nearly two decades, Recoverit has helped more than 5 million users restore their data. It’s efficient and allows you to recover lost data regardless of the time scale – until it’s overwritten, you can recover it at any time. In addition to an attractive success rate, the programme also offers competitive prices for the Pro and Ultimate versions.

I was able to retrieve a large number of test files that I used, including music, photos, videos and document files. I’ve used several recovery programs before, but Recoverit is a room above the rest. It is simple, effective and accessible. As far as I’m concerned, he’s doing what he says he’s doing, and I strongly advise him to try.

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Thank you for reading it.


PS, for more information please contact TrustPilot.

Anders is originally from Sweden, but has worked for more than 10 years in Silicon Valley as a project manager, programmer and systems engineer. He started his work in 2014 and is our chief technical guru. He makes easy-to-read guides and magazines for his many readers.

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