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Content is the king of the modern world, driven by the Internet. Many of you think that simply downloading content from the Internet will increase the number of users of your website? It’s almost impossible. As a result, content management systems are designed to market your content in a specific niche through a search.

One of these systems, which appeared in 2003, is WordPress, and today 60.8% of companies use it to manage their websites. Today, the WordPress hosting company has come to the conclusion that the performance and security of WordPress must be improved.

Host4Geeks is one of those award-winning websites specially optimized for speed and quality.

We have a team of experts who provide 24-hour customer service and have served more than 10,000 customers so far. Today, we have four global data centers supporting bloggers in the US, the UK and India.

Host4Geeks is planning to host WordPress.

We offer two types of plans for the placement of your website with WordPress :

1. The basic plan: It includes 25GB SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth for one site. It offers free real-time malware scanning, migration and SSL certificates for the same website.

2. Plus the plan: Our Plus plan includes unlimited SSD storage with unlimited bandwidth for five locations. All other features are the same as in the basic plan. It is the preferred plan on the market.

WordPress Hosting Plan Features

1. WordPress – Command line interface : All Host4Geeks plans for managed WordPress hosting come with WP-CLI enabled for better WordPress performance. Our expert technicians continually work with CLI to provide you with the best possible experience. We also update the WP-CLI if necessary.

2. Domain for $0 : As soon as you register for the WP plus Host4Geeks plan, you will receive your .com or .in-ID for free. This domain will remain with you until you make use of our hosting services.

3. SSL Certificates : Encryption is an important part of websites and companies. This guarantees the security of critical data such as passwords, account details, etc. during transfer.

Client server. We offer SSL certificates to create secure transmission channels for this data.

4. Installation and management of WordPress : Our experienced team of experts ensures that your WordPress is installed correctly and updated in time for the market.

5. Scan and protect your website against malware: Get real-time malware scanning services. They delete malicious files from your website and block suspicious content. Scanners ensure that you download virus-free files to your website.

How will you benefit from our services?

#N° 1 warehouse # Our plans include the storage of SSDs. You have enough disk space to store your data and the configuration of your website, as well as the application and its updates, which are launched at regular intervals. Concentrate on your content, we’ll do the rest.

#2 Secure data transfer : The security of customer data must be the best way to build trust. As mentioned above, you will receive SSL certificates that take this into account.

#3 WordPress Automation : Host4Geeks makes sure your WordPress is installed. You will automatically receive the latest versions of WordPress and the necessary plugins for its functions.

from time to time. You have a backup of your data at all times.

#4 support24*7 : Our team of specialists is at your disposal day and night. Please contact us if you have a problem and we will solve it as soon as possible. Your technical problem will be solved by our technical expert with an immediate solution, and our WordPress hosting plans guarantee 99.9% uptime.

#5 A website without malware: A website running on the Internet is likely to intercept malicious files or viruses. You can’t check it every day. However, our company offers you a real-time malware scanner that allows you to remove malicious files from your website. In addition, our WordPress hosting servers are equipped with high-quality malware scanners, such as B. Cloud Linux.

Why choose host4Geeks over other hosting sites?

In addition to the five benefits mentioned above, our plans offer various incentives for your website. You get SEO tools to help you with your marketing at no extra cost. In addition, we have LiteSpeed web servers that increase the speed. Many leading evaluation sites have recommended and rewarded Host4Geeks to their customers.

Servers use efficient databases, such as MySQL, to store important data and make it easily accessible. We offer comprehensive protection, including malware scanning, firewall and web application reporting, email virus scanning, two-factor authentication, and much more.

Host4Geeks with other giants.

Many leading evaluation sites have recommended and rewarded Host4Geeks to their customers.

More information can be found in the video:


You benefit from all of the above services at affordable prices. Contact us and we will take care of your WordPress blog. For more information, please visit the website of Host4Geeks.

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