How to Generate Photos From Any Video [Step By Step]

Sometimes you record a video and think you need to click on the images, or maybe you just recorded the video and now you need to place the images somewhere.

The first thing most people do is take a screenshot of a video and then take a break. The image you get is not of very good quality because the screenshot is compressed and reprocessed by the system.

There’s a better way to do it.

You can retrieve frame by frame from any video player you are currently using.

A friend of mine recently asked me if we could generate pictures from a video he had made. So I thought maybe there’d be more people who would find it useful.

It’s very quick and easy.

One of the easiest ways is to use the VLC player, and most people already use it as their standard player.

Don’t worry if you don’t use it. Let’s also mention the other actors. You can also search for similar settings in your current video player.

Generation with the VLC player

Here is a step-by-step process for VLC players

First open VLC player

Open Tools > Options or Ctrl + P

Click the All button in the lower left and right corner below the display settings.

This opens all settings, now scroll down to Video >> Filter

Check the video scene filter (Note: When you have finished taking still pictures of the video, remove the checkmark).

Now expand the filters in the left pane and scroll down to Scene Video Fitler, which opens the lower options on the right.

All parameters, how the images are created, are defined here.

Image format – it is clear how images should be saved in png or jpg format

Width and height of the image – Save -1 creates the original format of the video. If you want to have something written here to order.

File name prefix – for all data to be added. Keep it so that it can be distinguished from the others.

Catalog Path Prefix – Where the generated photos are stored. If you leave the images blank, they will be saved in the Images folder.

Recording factor – This determines the number of pictures taken. For example, if your video has 24FPS and you enter 24 here. Every second an image is generated and every half second a screenshot of 12 images is taken. So adjust it to the number of still images you want to get out of the film.

After saving these settings. Open the video and play the hit parade. The images are then created and saved in the folder you selected according to your settings.

Next, make sure that Settings >> Video >> Filters >> Video scene filter – Uncheck the box.

Otherwise, photos will still be generated for each video broadcast.

Here I took the Avengers endgame trailer as a reference video and generated an image every half second.

For further information or clarification : Help on VLC automated screenshots

Generationwith POTplayer

A very good video player, such as VLC, can play almost anything.

Here is a step-by-step process for POT actors

It’s super fast and easy like VLC here.

Just click Ctrl + G or right-click Video >> Video Recording >> Sequential Video Recording.

It will open the following options

Every option is almost understandable. Only make sure that the numbers/chassis to be dialed are set accordingly.

Now just press the Start button and the video will start to record.

You don’t have to remember any more steps, just press Ctrl + G and you can start.


Although we have converted two popular video players, there are many others that are used by so many people. Just go to your player’s video configuration and you’ll find a similar configuration on yours. You can also try out the above video players because they are suitable for everyone.

Now you can take photos of any video at any time for later use.

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