Bitdefender Total Security Review 2020

There is a large number of security software on the market, and it can be quite difficult to find the best software. If you are looking for a high-end security solution with full protection, check out products such as Bitdefender Total Security and Kaspersky Total Security.

What is Bitdefender’s total security?

Bitdefender Total Security is an award-winning product that provides complete protection for your device. While Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Internet Security are for Windows only, Total Security is a cross-platform product available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Bitdefender’s total security is the right solution for users who want to protect all their devices on multiple platforms with a single product. The package offers multi-layer protection against loosely related software and better protection against real threats without slowing down your computer.

Compared to the macOS version, Total Security for Windows offers full protection through a range of security and privacy features. But that doesn’t mean his Mac counterpart is less capable or not powerful enough. MacOS and iOS simply don’t need advanced protection because they’re safer and less vulnerable to viruses and cyber attacks.

Today we will talk about Bitdefender Total Security for MacOS, one of the best antivirus software for Mac.

Main features:

Detection of cross-platform malware

This feature protects your Mac against malware designed for Windows, which can also be vulnerable to MacOS. Total Security can detect and remove such cross-platform malicious objects that target both operating systems, so that users do not accidentally spread them to others.

Suppression of radio interference

  • Secure Files – Secure files act as a repository where you can store your most important files and sensitive data to prevent unauthorized changes. Bitdefender protects your stored files from ransom, threats and malware. Files and folders stored in the secure file folder cannot be modified or deleted by unfamiliar applications.
  • Time Machine Protection – The data on your Mac isn’t 100% secure, even if you back up Time Machine. During a ransom attack, all your valuable data such as photos, videos and other information can be rendered unusable by the attacker. In these types of advanced attacks, ransoms are usually paid to restore access to your data. Bitdefender’s Time Machine protection adds an additional layer of security to your backups and prevents dangerous malware from encrypting or destroying your backup files.

Advertising software units

Adware, often associated with certain free applications, can hijack your browser in the form of an unwanted toolbar. These adware or browser add-ons can be really annoying because they are used to serve intrusive pop-up ads and redirect users while browsing. This can be a distraction and slow down your system. Fortunately, Total Security has a powerful mechanism to remove adware and unwanted applications from your Mac.


A phishing attack is a cyber attack in which a scammer uses a disguised email or instant message to obtain confidential and sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card information. These online scams are becoming more common and can be dangerous if the victim is unaware of the attack. Bitdefender handles these phishing attempts by warning and blocking sites with such dubious intentions.

Real Time Protection with Bit Guard Shield

Bitdefender Shield provides real-time protection against a wide range of threats. This is done by actively scanning all installed applications, new and changed files. The scanning takes place silently in the background and has little impact on system performance. Users are notified immediately if the software detects a new or potential threat.

There is also an option to disable real-time security, which is useful when a security application conflicts with a particular program. You can also add files, folders, or the entire volume to the exclude list to exclude them from scanning.

Lane guard (traffic light)

Bitdefender for Mac fully protects your browsing experience with the Traffic Light extension. It filters all web traffic and scans every website you visit for threats, phishing and scams. The extension also warns you about risky websites in the search results before you even open them. It works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Suspicious website blocked by Bitdefender

Integrated VPN

Bitdefender Total Security allows you to access regionally restricted content while remaining anonymous through the built-in VPN powered by Hotspot Shield. A VPN encrypts your Internet traffic and protects your data when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks in public places such as airports, shopping malls, or hotels. This also prevents incidents such as data theft, because the IP address of the device is inaccessible to hackers.

Free VPN comes with a daily data limit of 200 MB per device and automatically connects to the best server location. You must upgrade to the Premium version to choose your server location and get unlimited encrypted data.

That’s a good thing:

  • Protects Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.
  • Clean design and easy to use interface
  • Uses a minimum of resources and does not slow down your devices.
  • Scans files and the entire hard drive at ultra fast speeds
  • Keeps a detailed log of detected scans and threats.

Which is bad:

  • Free VPN is limited to 200 MB per day
  • The Mac version lacks essential privacy features such as webcam security, microphone monitoring, parental controls, theft protection and firewall protection.
  • Automatic deletion of infected files and detected threats without user consent
  • There is no way to quarantine a file or skip the deletion in case of a false positive.

Final result:

Bitdefender is one of the best cybersecurity companies with a score of 4.1 on Trustpilot. Bitdefender Total Security’s multi-platform support eliminates the need to purchase separate security products for different devices. The package offers the best protection against malware and multi-layer protection against looser software without compromising the speed of the device. In the meantime, Windows users will certainly not be disappointed, because the Windows version contains many additional features in one package.

Please note that you can try a fully functional trial version of Bitdefender Total Security free of charge for 30 days without the need for a credit card. In addition, the price of the protective suits is reasonable and you can get them with 50% discount at the moment. Try it!

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