Zero Trust Cybersecurity for K-12 School Districts

Zero trust in cybersecurity is never trust, always check the approach that K-12areas need now more than ever. For years, school districts have relied on cyber security measures such as firewalls and web content filters to protect their systems from cyber attacks. Today, the cyber security perimeter is dead. That was before COVID-19 sent the … Read more

Dell is Adding Webcam and Microphone Kill Switches in Linux Kernel

Dell adds new code to the Linux kernel that disables the new webcam and microphone in the Dell system via hotkeys. What for? Because personal life. Privacy is no longer a luxury. It has become a fundamental necessity. Niche devices for private use, such as the Librem series, are equipped with hardware switches to lock … Read more

Trickbot On The Ropes: Microsoft’s Case Against Trickbot

This month’s Trikbott is very bad!  Although Emotet continues to send Trickbot binaries to this day, there are all indications that they are having problems. The daily activities of the Emotet are best documented by a team of researchers who use the collective identity of the Cryptolaemus and disseminate information about the IOC and the … Read more