How to Breed Horses in Minecraft [Full Guide]

Hi friends, you are looking for information about breeding horses in Minecraft and you have come to this page. So don’t worry, just read the whole article and you’ll learn how to raise horses in Minecraft.

An easy way to raise horses in Minecraft

Horses are confident and quiet roommates in Minecraft. They come in herds of two to six animals and wander through the grass of the plains and savannah biomes, twisting the tails of their herds. But this life is a one-way horse, misty and proud – a creature worthy of great adventures. In Minecraft you can breed horses to make a baby horse, also known as a foal. Once that horse reaches adulthood, you can tie it up and ride it like any other Minecraft horse.

For traveling, you have useful horses in Minecraft, managing a breeding program will be incredibly useful if something happens to your horse during the trip. The breeding will probably also be used to increase the horse population in Minecraft, so that new breeds can jump higher, run faster and do more damage than their parents. So you need to know how to raise horses in Minecraft. Read more.

How we breed horses in mining

All the animals in Minecraft come to find the resource more easily or with feasible applications to make your game easier. If you want to travel long distances, the horse is a great way to travel. You need a saddle to ride them, but before you worry, you have to tame them and raise them.

Where to find the horses in mining

First of all you have to find horses in Minecraft to start breeding. They can be found in one of three places: the village barn, the steppe biome and the savannah biome. So it may take some time to find a suitable village or biomeet to start with, and to find out if the seed of your world is comfortable.

The plains are bare meadows with few trees, the savannas are sometimes light brown meadows with acacias, and the villages can be found in many different biomes, although not all of them have stables. Here’s a horse.


If you want to breed horses, you need two horses as parents. Two horses can do this if their colours don’t match. It’s useless if you’re trying to get a specific color for the foals.

The only exceptions are skeleton horses and zombie horses. Both variants cannot be fed, so they cannot reproduce. The only way to get more out of these horses is to use an egg or find skeleton horses in the wild.

Tame the horse

If you want to tame horses in Minecraft, you must repeatedly try to approach and deal with an adult horse with your empty hand. If you do this all the time, the horse won’t bother you anymore. Every time you stop, you increase the horse’s anger or character. You should be able to get close enough to start over.

The Horse Race in Minecraft

You need golden food for the horses you want to raise, it can be carrots or apples. You can find them in the game, steal them randomly from loot crates or turn them into drawing tables. Roots are very easy to get in Minecraft, but you really need a special golden root to raise horses. Place an ordinary apple or carrot in the middle groove of the hob. Then surround it with gold bars. For each Golden Apple or Golden Root 8 gold bars are needed. Now we can raise our horses.

How to ride a horse in Minecraft

Now that you’ve managed to raise a baby horse in Minecraft, it’s time to ride that horse. But know you can’t go straight with them, you have to be an adult first. Once mature, she is always in contact with the horse to ride her. The first few times it might confuse you. But with perseverance the horse didn’t let you down in the end and you had to accept it and be yourself.

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To ride him you have to open the inventory of the horse and hold the saddle. As soon as the saddle is equipped, you can steer the horse on it. Then enjoy horseback riding in Minecraft.

Last words: Now you understand how to raise horses in Minecraft. Don’t forget to wait 5 minutes after breeding if you want to breed your horses. If you still have doubts or questions after reading this article, you can make your comments below. We will contact you very soon. Thank you for visiting our website.

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