How to fix Roborock Laser Error 1

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Although Roborock makes beautiful robot vacuum cleaners, it is sometimes difficult to find a technician to repair them. In my experience, I have contacted two local repair shops and an official European support supplier without much success.

After a few days of hurling unproductive emails back and forth, I realized I wasn’t making any progress, so I started looking for forums to fix this common mistake.

It turns out it only takes 15 minutes to do it yourself.

On the other hand, it invalidates the warranty, but because it is difficult to get warranty assistance, it is not so bad in my case.

Question: Laser unit fault 1

The laser distance sensor (rotating orange ground camera) is not moving. This prevents the robot from sucking and stops it.

The official support advised me to try to move it with a pen in case it gets stuck. It didn’t solve the problem, but I think it’s worth a try.


After some research I discovered that the most common cause of laser failure is either a jammed electric motor or a defective electric motor. Before I ordered the new parts, I decided to let the engine run.

New engines can be found on Amazon, like this one (Amazon-link), but I advise you to test your engine first.

Okay, enough of this nonsense. It’s time to free the beast.

Step 1. Get your tools

The necessary tools in the picture : Phillips screwdriver, a 9V battery, 2 paper clips (or wire if you have one).

Robot, screwdriver, 9-volt battery, 2 paper clips

Step 2. Remove top cover

The lid is not screwed on, just removed. Proceed with caution.

Roborock V2 with lid removed

Step 3. Remove the 8 screws marked.

In order to gain access to the engine, we have to remove a few bolts and lose our warranty along the way. If you’re not ready to give up your warranty, stop now.

Be careful, this will void your warranty.

Keep a cup holder or teabag holder near to hold the screws.

Step 4. Remove lower cover

After removing the screws, the lower cover can now be removed.  The following screws are covered with 3 rubber plugs. Use a paper clip or screwdriver to remove it.

Remove the marked white rubber caps to expose the next screws to be removed.

Screw after removing the white rubber plugs. Unscrew it and place it in the screw cup.

Step 5. Remove the white plastic protecting the laser distance sensor

After removing the 3 screws from the previous step, the white cover should come out and show the orange LDS.

Step 6. Remove the laser distance sensor

Loosen the 4 locking screws.

Step 7.  Start the small engine that could not work.

Now that you have access to the engine, you can give it 9v to try to break it.

You can use wires or paper clips if you don’t have any wires nearby.

The black wire is negative and the red wire is positive.

Connect the negative battery to the black terminal and the positive battery to the red terminal.

Negative for the black contact, positive for the red contact. Do not touch the staples as this may cause excessive heat.

Good luck, the laser block is moving! 5 seconds should be enough, don’t exaggerate!

If nothing happens when you try to jump, it probably means the engine has failed. You will need to order and replace a new device online.  You can buy a very cheap one on Amazon.

Step 8. Reassembling everything and vacuum testing

You can follow these instructions in reverse order to put things back in place.

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