How To Collect Diwali Stamps in Google Pay

I wish you all a happy Diwali. Today we will explain how you can collect Diwali brands on Google Pay. If you want to know, please read this article in its entirety. We’ve covered almost everything on the subject.

Today we looked at the new Google Pay Diwali Stamps tips. You get 251 rupees, just pick up 5 Diwali stamps. You will learn the trick to collect only 5 unique Diwali chips and win 251 or have the chance to win up to 1 lakh. How can you use this offer? Here we will explain some of the steps to follow.

Best tip for Diwali cubes [100% functional]

  • First update or download your Google Paid Application using the link provided here: Google Pay link
  • This offer is only valid after you have updated your Google Pay application.
  • After clicking on the link above you can see the Diwali portal as shown below.
  • Now you have to send a present to every brand.
  • The user gets a surprise stamp and now you need to go back to the dashboard to view the Diwali Scanner option. Knock on it.
  • There must be another phone/PC for this purpose. Now find Jhumka, Phool, Diya, Lantern, Rangoli in Google on another phone and scan 5 times for different brands. Pay attention: You can only scan five times a day.
  • After having scanned 5 times, you now hand in your collected stamps 5 times. When you present the stamps, don’t worry, you’ll get more stamps.
  • To send money, reload your account or pay an account of 35 rupees or more (soon, not yet active, so don’t try).
  • Currently you can withdraw or present a total of 10 tickets in one day. You can try again tomorrow.
  • If you have extra stamps, you can give them to your friends. If you insert all 5 stamps, you will immediately receive 251 stamps at the bank and you can scratch the card for 1 rupee.

Five stamps:

  1. Rangoli stamps
  2. Flashlight dies
  3. Flower brands
  4. Marky Dia
  5. Jumka stamp

How can I redeem a Rs.251 scratch card?

  1. Start collecting all unique stamps like the Jhumka-stamp, the Phool-stamp, the Diya-stamp, the Lantern-stamp or the Rangoli-stamp.
  2. After this section you go to reward >> you see the trade-in option.
  3. Click on the purchase option and you will receive 3 scratch cards.
  4. After this scratching you will receive a pink card and you are guaranteed to get the Rs.251 coin box back.
  5. Hit the yellow card. Come to one drawer.


  1. To win a prize, you must have the 5 different stamps before the 31st day of the month. October 2019, 11:59 p.m., gather round.
  2. The stamps are randomly assigned. You can collect one of the 5 different stamps in 3 ways.
  3. You can deposit a maximum of 15 marks per day, with a limit of 5 marks for one collection method. The more you pay your friends and companies with Google Pay, the more brands you get.
  4. With P2P payments, you can only send one printout per day to one Google Pay user.

What you receive is.

  1. When you pick up the 5 different tickets, you will receive a guaranteed gift from ₹ 251 from Google Pay and a bonus ticket from 25 Diwali Rupees.
  2. The Diwali bonus card is a special card from Google Pay, with which you can win a bonus of 1 lah. She’ll be here first. November 2019, so keep checking to see if you’re a winner!
  3. The rewards you have won are displayed in the Rewards Chain.
  4. You can win a maximum of one prize per prize.


  1. This offer is not valid for residents of the state of Tamil Nadu.
  2. If you have earned more than 9000 INR in a Google Pay offer during this fiscal year (1 April to 31 March), you are not eligible for this offer.
  3. Offer for those who meet the conditions of the service.
  4. When you receive a prize, the prizes will be credited to your bank account. In order to receive payments from Google, you must have a UPI-enabled savings account linked to your Google Pay account. Do not forget to link your savings account with the activated user interface to your Google Pay account within 45 days of receiving the reward, otherwise it will be considered lost.
  5. Students, employees, officers and contractors, and their immediate families (parents, siblings, children and spouses of each in their respective communities) of Google LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates, and Google or any other person or entity associated with this offering are not eligible to participate.
  6. This offer is not available to residents of the State of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu Rewards Prohibition Act 1979) and where prohibited by law. Residents of these States are not entitled to participate in this proposal.
  7. If you have earned more than 9000 INR in the current financial year (1 April to 31 March) with a Google Pay offer, you are not eligible for this offer.
  8. In addition, if you win a Lacchus Reward (1 00 000) with this offer, you will not be eligible for another Google Pay offer for the rest of the fiscal year.
  9. If you receive a prize in Indian Rupees One Lakh (INR 1 00 000), you must provide your permanent account number and any other documents required by Google for tax purposes when you accept the prize.
  10. Each Google Pay customer may use only one set of Google Pay references, but these are not limited to your Google account, phone number and payment method to take advantage of the offer. None of these unique Google Pay accounts will be used to register a Google Pay account.

Last words

As soon as you have read all the rules and guidelines and are eligible for Diwali stamps, continue. We have already presented the possibilities of collecting Diwali stamps. If you have any questions, you can answer them below.

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