What to do if your Snowmobile won’t start: 3 Steps to Follow

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Spark, air and fuel are the most important elements on which the proper functioning of a snowmobile engine depends. You have to take care to avoid problems in the sled.

If your snowmobile gets stuck in the snow, it can be a big problem. So let’s learn how to inspect a snowmobile that’s not working properly.

Some things you can do if your snowmobile won’t start:

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What should I do if my snowmobile won’t start?

  1. Check the spark.

The spark helps ignite the air-fuel mixture to start.

Check the spark plugs first. You can take them out and put them back in the hats for inspection. The next step is to ground the connector on the screw plug and turn the motor upside down. If there’s a spark, it’s visible. If there is no spark or a weak spark, replace the spark plugs. Spark plugs are cheap.

If there is still no spark, there may be a problem with the electrical system. Check all electrical components. All electronic components can play a decisive role and the sledge can therefore pull.

  1. Air-fuel mixture

If you have a sled that hasn’t been running for a long time, the carburettors and gas lines can dry up quickly, making it difficult to start the sled. You can use starter fluid or a carburettor.

The engine must burn when fuel is injected into the air intake of the carburettor; this allows the fuel system to suck in fuel. The engine may stall after using the starter fluid if the throttle is not sucked in.

This should only be done to a limited extent as starter fluid does not lubricate the engine in addition to injecting mixed throttle or oil.

The engine could be flooded if it suffocates when you try to start it. The throttle can be disengaged and the spark plugged in to repair it, this should be done until all fuel has been expelled. Now clean the plug and reconnect it.  Excess gas can be vented via the drain plugs located on the lower end cap.

If the slide is immediately submerged or does not enter the combustion chamber, it must be cleaned.

Make sure the fuel pump, fuel lines and filters are in good condition.

  1. Low/low compression

The worst that can happen is little or no compression in one or all cylinders.

There must be sufficient compression to compress the air-fuel mixture, which in turn increases the temperature of the mixture, sufficient to start the combustion process.

The tester can also help to check the compression on the rotary cylinder. If the compression is low, check it and remove the head. Low compression can be caused by worn piston rings, a notched cylinder or piston, or various other causes.


You don’t have to worry if your snowmobile doesn’t work. There can be many reasons why the snowmobile doesn’t work. The main causes of engine failure can be sparks, air and fuel.  Various preventive methods can be used to start the snowmobile.

If the snowmobile does not start after all these techniques, you should check it in a nearby garage.

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