🥇 Use FB Messenger on Instagram  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Recently a new update has been released that allows the Facebook messaging system to be merged with Instagram. This is an important enough step to improve communication between the users of the two social networks.

For example, Instagram’s direct and private messaging will now be integrated with Facebook Messenger, the world’s most popular social network messaging service. This allows two users to communicate between two applications at the same time.

Do you know how to take advantage of this new feature? In this post you will learn how to use Facebook Messenger on Instagram for a satisfying experience on different platforms.

What are the advantages of merging all communications from Facebook applications (Instagram and Whatsapp)?

Reference accounts can be a good solution for a number of reasons. One of the most important is that it greatly simplifies processes so you don’t waste time performing tasks on each individual platform.

By merging Instagram and Facebook, you can in turn publish any photos or videos from Instagram and share them directly on Facebook. It is also highly recommended if you want to increase your reach or your interaction with your followers, as each piece of content returns to its original source, which in both cases means greater audience involvement.

Remember that Facebook is the social network with the most registered users, so you can send traffic to Instagram from there. In addition, Instagram’s algorithm rewards the accounts with the most interactions. This way, if you generate enough responses, you can get a better ranking in the News Feed.

To make the experience easier to manage, the Instagram content you want to share on Facebook is stored in a special folder called Instagram photos or Instagram videos. It should be noted that this is the first step of a large project that Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger want to merge. This will greatly facilitate the interaction between all these platforms, which are used by more than 1,000 million active users every month.

What new functions can we use by combining Direct and FB Messenger?

This update includes a significant number of new features that were previously unavailable in Instagram chats.

These include the following:

  • Participating in Video Calls : From Instagram, you can use Messenger video calls.
  • Co-visioning: This means that videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV or Reels can be viewed by groups of users at the same time.
  • Temporary news : The user can make messages disappear after they have been seen or when the chat is closed.
  • Stickers: Possibility to make stickers with people’s faces and put them in a conversation.
  • Change the colors of the cat: Adjust the cats with different color gradients.
  • Individual emotions: You can create a shortcut to your favorite emoji to reply to messages your friends send you.
  • Transmission and reaction : You can forward messages or respond directly to one of your messages.
  • Animated news effects : Animated messages and GIFs can be used in chats.
  • Message check : Indicate who can send you messages.
  • Improvement of the system for reporting accidents and its updating : This function allows you to report all calls and individual Instagram messages. In addition, you can proactively receive blocking offers from Instagram and Messenger once your accounts are logged into the Account Center section.

Learn step by step how to use Messenger on Instagram and combine all functions

Currently, the ability to combine applications is optional for users, which means they have the ability to choose whether or not to do so.

If it attracts your attention and you want to try it, below we’ll show you step by step how to use Messenger on Instagram and combine its features:

  • The first thing you need to do is make sure you have an active account on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Once you have taken this into account, simply open one of the two applications and you will notice that a new message will appear, intended to inform you about the integration.
  • If you don’t see this option, check if you need to update Facebook or Instagram. Update them if necessary.
  • Once this is done, you can start communicating with your contacts via both applications.

If you want to disable this feature in Instagram and Facebook Messenger, you can do so here:

  • Access your user profile.
  • Press the adjusting knob.
  • To access the privacy settings.
  • Enterokay in the news.
  • Disable the option that corresponds to receiving new messages from Instagram or Facebook Messenger, depending on the application.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. We will contact you as soon as possible and that will certainly be a great help to more members of the community. Thank you so much!

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