The New True Wireless Champ


Power Beats Pro – these are wireless headphones, like the wireless Airpod. Up to 9 hours of listening, the sound and battery life are better than AirPods, and it stays firmly in place in the ear thanks to the ear hook.

The Power Hitting Pro has a clearer sound system, which means it sounds good.  According to my research, Beats (manufacturer of the Power Beats pro and other Power Beats models) claims that the Power Beats pro is 23% smaller than the wireless Power Beats 3 and 17% lighter than the Power Beats 3.

The water resistance of the power beats pro has not been proven, but I have discovered that it is only resistant to small splashes, but cannot be submerged in water.


The Power Beats pro has a shortcut system, which means it connects faster to the device you want to pair it with via Bluetooth, a wireless connection. It has Siri voice recognition for those using Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone models, but it does not work on Android devices because they do not have Siri voice recognition. The Android user also has the advantage of physical buttons used to control music playback.

The Power Beats Pro also has good quality phone calls, which means the call quality is excellent according to my research. It uses a lightning arrestor for charging because it cannot be charged wirelessly. The powerbeater pro is available in 4 colors that : Black, ivory, moss and navy blue.

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The disadvantages of the power beat pro are nothing to worry about, I won’t mention them, just so you know what you’re buying. The errors I found after my research are listed below:

  1. Prices
  2. Shop
  3. Earhook

PRICE : The performance is better than the price of AirPods, and to some extent (although very little). The Power Battles Pro sells for $169.99 at Amazon, $159.95 at Walmart and $249.95 at Sam’s Club. Moreover, these prices are not stable, which means that prices are subject to change. The price is high, so I have the feeling that people might not want to buy it, but on the positive side, it might be better to ignore the price.

CALL: The housing of the charger is very striking, i.e. clearly visible and quite large, but not heavy. It doesn’t fit in your pocket, which means the cargo will leave a chunk in your pocket if you keep it in your pocket. It is therefore not recommended and practical to carry it in your pocket to prevent bulges. The charging box does not offer wireless charging, but the new AirPods do, so it charges with a Lightning cable. The body has a charging port to which a lightning arrester can be connected.

WOW: The first wireless model of the Power Beats 3 has a cable that connects the left and right earphones, so it’s a single earphone, but the Power Beats pro has no connection cable, so they are stand-alone and more convenient. Although it may not be suitable for all ears because the earhook is a bit lost depending on the size of the ear, it is a rare case. But if it fits snugly and securely to your ear, you won’t have a problem.

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